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I t is a personal and professional honor to serve as our newest Reserve admiral. As one who began his Coast Guard career as a machinery technician in the mid-1970s, the privilege to serve at the flag rank is immense, and one I humbly take with great determination to better our Coast Guard Reserve. I look forward to serving with all Coast Guard Reserve members in improving our lives as reservists and in improving our readiness and response capabilities to answer the call. I was recently called to active duty in my first flag assignment to lead the Coast Guard Reserve Governance Integrated Project Team (IPT). In April 2018, the IPT was directed by the Vice Commandant and soon after chartered by DCO and DCMS. The IPT will evaluate the organization, policies, and governance of the Reserve Component to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of resources for mission accomplishment. Specifically, the charter owners directed the IPT to develop roles and responsibilities for a future Coast Guard Reserve Component or contingency forces office within our headquarters to be potentially led by the Director of the Coast Guard Reserve. The Streamlining U. S. Coast Guard Organization Study Team of 1994 resulted in the integration of field-level active duty and Reserve operations. Reservists would then after be assigned to active duty units with sufficient personnel to train and certify our members, all of which created a more efficient, operationally-oriented Reserve workforce. While field-level integration has progressed over the past 25 years, Reserve Component governance integration at the headquarters level has not achieved the same level of success. What a more fitting way to recognize the silver jubilee of streamlining with getting Reserve Component governance properly aligned and placed in our headquarters. Yes, the time is right. The IPT will solicit subject matter expertise from our senior enlisted leaders, operational commands, and from policy offices whose activities support the four prioritized mobilization scenarios our Coast Guard reservists support, as approved by the Commandant: 1) Defense Operations; 2) Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security; 3) Incident Management and Response; and 4) Mission Support of deployed forces. The IPT will additionally review previous studies and position papers, as well as the governance construct and management of our Department of Defense Reserve counterparts. (All agree there are plenty of studies to glean information, and no additional ones are needed.) The IPT report and recommended courses of action will be submitted to the charter owners, DCO and DCMS, by October 2018. After so many years of answering the call at the field level, in spite of a less-than optimally placed and governed Coast Guard Reserve structure, we have the unique opportunity to finally get it right. As I might not have the venue to address all our Reserve members for a period, I'll use this occasion to share some leadership and career thoughts. Since selected to flag officer, many have inquired and here are a few… 1) First, and always first, take care of your people. 2) Act with urgency. 3) Be decisive. 4) "No" is sometimes the answer. 5) Spend most of your time beyond your comfort. 6) Surround yourself with positive influences. It was my pleasure to introduce myself, explain the seminal work embarked upon by the Coast Guard Reserve Component Integrated Project Team, and share some thoughts on my tenants of leadership and career growth. I look forward to serving at your side, and please know you have an ardent advocate in the senior levels of the Coast Guard. Semper Paratus. "After so many years of answering the call at the field level, in spite of a less-than optimally placed and governed Coast Guard Reserve structure, we have the unique opportunity to finally get it right." RESERVIST MAGAZINE THE VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE Rear Adm. James M. Kelly Chair, Coast Guard Reserve Governance Integrated Project Team (IPT) 6 RESERVIST � Issue 2 • 2018

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