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Command Reserve Gold and Silver Badge positions for AY18: Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve MCPO George M. Williamson, Jr. Commandant Reserve Gold Badge: MCPO Robert J. Pasqua LANTAREA MCPO Timothy A. Beard PACAREA MCPO Raushan R. Morris Coast Guard District ONE MCPO Janine M. Tschantz-Hahn Coast Guard District SEVEN MCPO James R. Wood Coast Guard District EIGHT MCPO Ryan G. Hooper Coast Guard District THIRTEEN Reserve Silver Badge: MCPO Michael J. Rosati SECTOR Delaware Bay MCPO Melissa A. Sharer SECTOR Corpus Christi MCPO Michael S. Sawyer PSU 308 MCPO Lonnie J. Evans SECTOR Houston/Galveston MCPO Dana E. Morrison SECTOR Northern New England SCPO Glenn G. Delmendo SECTOR Los Angeles/ Long Beach SCPO Abigail R. Scrocco SECTOR North Carolina SCPO Jeffrey G. Wildes PSU 313 CPO Daniel F. College SECTOR Saint Petersburg Direct Access Upgrade Direct Access has been updated! Functionality is the same, but new features will provide a more customized and simplified user experience. Work centers, custom notifications and improved navigation features are just a few of the new capabilities that were part of the May upgrade. Highlights: * New URL for security purposes, providing an extra layer of security for your data. * Unified Header * Cleaner Look * Work Centers: The new mini homepages let you do all your work for key functions in one area without returning to the homepage. * Navigation Features: "Add to Favorites" and "Last Five Places Visited" No changes were made to personal data, and all previous features are still present. Access updated user guides and tutorials at

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