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Retirement List RET-1 (With Pay) JUNE 2016 MK2 Terry Hosmer DECEMBER 2017 DC1 Roger Hopkins AET3 Michael Cook FEBRUARY 2018 CAPT Jeffrey G. Anderson CAPT David Martin CDR Michael Aholt CDR Bruce Walker LCDR Olen Roberts LT Marco Espinosa CWO Edwin Perez BMCS Grayden Dyke ETC Donald Thomson PSC Paul Dick SKC John Murphy MK1 Gregory Ockande PS1 Mikel Daulton SK1 Yvonne Goad SK1 Charles Zearfoss MARCH 2018 YNCM Steven Sennott MKC Timothy Clark OSC Robert Smith YNC John Sheldon YN1 Stephen Sheridan APRIL 2018 FSC Michael Gallagher RET-2 (Awaiting Pay) FEBRUARY 2018 CDR Kenneth A. Baltz CDR Michael J. McNeil CDR Todd M. Spiala LCDR Robert D. Mutto LCDR Corey M. Thayer ETCM Jeffrey Dougherty BMC John J. Cadigan MEC Mark A. Jarman MSTC Michael H. Barfield SKC Sheri L. McHugh IV1 Allen A. Wastine BM2 Christopher M. Cassano EM2 James Conyers MARCH 2018 LT Eric V. Brown LT Todd M. Hegemier BMCM Gregory A. Robertson MKC Steven Marsh CS1 Robert J. Dennis BM2 Andrew Schiltz MK2 Kenneth Stefandel BM3 Scott N. Fitzgerald — Compiled by YNC Joseph R. McGonagle, USCGR (ret.) The captain nodded his thanks to the commandant and the room, which unleashed deafening applause. Organizer and retired Coast Guard captain, Raphael Ortiz, led numerous presentations that began with the Admiral Alexander Jackson lifetime achievement award and ended with the cutting of Handy's 100th birthday cake. A line of people gathered to greet the captain and offer their thanks. Ever humble, Handy said he appreciated the honor of receiving the award, named for one of ROA's great leaders and advocate for all reservists, but he said it was the work of many reservists that kept the Reserve functioning in a time when it looked as if the component would be disbanded. "I am reaping the benefit of the contributions of many reservists throughout the country who have not been recognized," he said. "I am in effect 'the last man standing,' because at 100, I have outlived everybody who represented the reservists during that period." Handy still believes that when he won the appropriations necessary for the Reserve, he was just doing his job. His humility was evident when he gave advice to the current generation of reservists: "…Be firm and tireless in your efforts to preserve and improve the Reserve that you will be responsible for passing on to future generations." � – Story by RESERVIST Staff Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, Capt. Walter Handy, and Rear Adm. Scott McKinley cut a birthday cake during Handy's 100th birthday celebration. Photo courtesy of Henry Plimack 36 RESERVIST � Issue 2 • 2018

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