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Commonly Asked Questions Q: What's different about the PHA survey? A: The major change to the PHA self-assessment is the addition of a Mental Health Assessment (MHA). This will also satisfy the requirement for deployment-related MHAs (DD FORM 2978) if completed in the appropriate timeframe (181 – 545 days and/or 546 – 910 days after returning from deployment). Q: Can I complete my PHA on my personal computer? A: Yes. The PHA system is accessible from any computer with internet access. If you do not have a CAC reader you will need to access the PHA website using your DOD ID number on the back of your CAC as your user name, the password you used when creating your account, and your security question response. Q: Who do I contact when I've completed my PHA survey? A: A procedure for accomplishing this should be worked out between the clinic administrator of the supporting clinic and your HS/Logistics Officer or Reserve Force Readiness Staff. This can be accomplished with a phone call or email to the appropriate representative at the supporting clinic. Q: How far out can I complete my survey before contacting my HS? Does it reset? A: Once you complete your service member portion, it will remain valid for 90 days. If more than 90 days pass between completing your survey and the HS starting the record review, you will have to do a new survey. It is important to remember that the PHA is a screening tool used to evaluate the individual medical readiness of the service member by its components (self-reported health status, review of current medical conditions, recommendation for improvement of identified health conditions, and a behavioral health screen). The time between completing the self-assessment and seeing a medical provider should be kept to a minimum to ensure current and accurate information is documented. The PHA may be accomplished up to six months early to allow units to synchronize PHA completion prior to scheduled deployments. Q: What happens after I notify my HS? A: The HS will conduct the record review portion of the PHA. Once completed, the HS will log onto the LHI portal to order your PHA and any other medical readiness items you are due for or will come due for in the next 12 months. Q: How do I get my PHA appointment? A: After the HS has entered the required information/services required into the LHI portal, a RHRP contractor will contact you within one business day to schedule an appointment. Q: What do I do if I notified my HS, but I never receive a call from a RHRP contractor? A: Procedures for circumstances like this should be worked out between the regional HS and the unit's HS/logistics officer, as each facility may operates in a different manner. Some suggestions may include contacting the responsible party (HS that entered information into the LHI portal) if you have not been contacted by RHRP in seven business days to ensure the request was entered and processed correctly. Q: Will RHRP also conduct other medical and readiness tests? A: Yes. If required, the HS will order required individual medical readiness (IMR) items through the LHI portal (e.g. HIV blood draw, required vaccinations) so they can be administered during your appointment. Q: Can I get a dental exam at the same time as my PHA? A: Members can continue to use their own dentist to fill out their DD-2813 dental examination form, but a dental exam can be entered into the LHI portal to be booked through a RHRP contractor. The member would still have to follow RHRP's scheduling rules, meaning they may not get a nearby dentist if there is not a contracted dentist available. Either way would fulfill the annual requirement. Q: I completed my PHA between Oct. 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018. Do I need to complete a stand alone MHA? A: Yes. The new PHA includes an MHA; however, if you completed the old PHA between Oct. 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018 a stand-alone MHA is required. Log in and complete the online MHA by selecting the "Report a New Standalone DMHA" option [NOTE: the online MHA is a different system from the PHA]. After you have completed your assessment, if you got the old PHA at a Coast Guard or DoD clinic, contact that clinic to schedule an MHA review before Sept. 30, 2018. If you completed the old PHA through RHRP, contact RHRP to request an MHA review before Sept. 30. All subsequent PHAs will include an MHA as part of the PHA survey. Issue 2 • 2018 � RESERVIST 25

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