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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: PSU 308 row relay highlights prevention and understanding Instead of just posting flyers on bulletin boards for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, members of Port Security Unit 308 stepped up to the plate by participating in a rowing relay marathon to bring awareness and educate members on the impact of sexual assault on their shipmates and society in general. For three days, members from both the enlisted ranks and officer corps tag teamed the rowing machines, accumulating more than 73 miles (117,995 meters) while viewing videos aimed at providing information about sexual assault and prevention. Not knowing how well they would do, they blew past their original goal of 26.2 miles. "Due to our operational tempo, a unit 5K run was not feasible," said Lt. Waymando Brown, a victim's advocate for PSU 308. Brown spearheaded the event, which included a variety of videos covering bystander intervention, how to report sexual assault, and the difference between restricted and unrestricted reports. Participants recorded their distances on a tally sheet keeping the competition fierce on who would power through with the most meters. Seaman Preston Remy sailed past his shipmates accumulating over 13,000 meters on the rowers by the end of the event. According to Lt. Cmdr. James Lovenstein, executive officer for PSU 308, sexual assault awareness is integral to the command's success. "The only way we succeed as a team is if we create an environment and culture free of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior," said Lovenstein. "Bottom line, we owe it to our shipmates and ourselves to never allow this type of behavior to occur and when it occurs, that we take swift and decisive action." — Story and photos by Chief Petty Officer Susan Blake, Eighth District Members of Port Security Unit 308 in Kiln, Miss., row and learn for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Participants accumulated almost 118,000 meters, or 73 miles, during the three-day event held in late April. Rowing participants recorded their distance on a tally sheet April 22, spurring on the competition between members of PSU 308 throughout the drill weekend. The event, billed as "row for awareness," focused on educating members about sexual assault prevention while they participated in a rowing relay. Issue 2 • 2018 � RESERVIST 13

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