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A Reach Too Far? I am an avid reader of the Reservist, and thank you for the hard work it takes to put forth the publication. I request to inform you that the insert I received had some errors on it. The wall calendar insert is great, and I put it up in my office at my civilian job. Unfortunately, there are a few errors with it. 'Calendar' is misspelled on the header of the insert. March, April and July all have substantial errors with the numbered dates. Hopefully the particular document that I received was a typo and was not the standard sent out to all of the Reserve force. Petty Officer 2nd Class Elliott Cavanaugh, USCGR Sector San Francisco Thank you for your kind words! We noted the errors the day we opened our copies and were completely horrified. Then we had a laugh and shook our heads. Of all the things to get wrong, ha... For our readers, ten days in April and July have all shifted by one day, starting at the 19th, but correcting at the 29th. March 9 for some reason came out as March 12. (Sorry for those who searched for their birthdays and got a surprise.) Capt. Paul Kirkpatrick found another error – the Marine Corps Reserve birthday should be noted as Aug. 29. I found another mistake myself – 'commendation' is misspelled on the CLOC ribbon. Yikes. We live, we learn! Thanks to those of you who wrote in about the calendar for your great attention to detail. And yes, MST2, every copy of the pull-out looks exactly like yours. Sheeh. --------------- Fundraising for CG families Thanks for the terrific coverage of the hurricane response. Had one comment. I spent considerable time during the last six months facilitating support for our folks with the Coast Guard Foundation, including Thanksgiving and Christmas events for the families displaced from Puerto Rico who were temporarily housed in Westin, Fla. Foundation President Susan Ludwig forward deployed to New Orleans to support Harvey victims and negotiated with the Silver and Gold Badge community and local CPOA chapters to get money directly to families. Acknowledging that [Coast Guard] Mutual Assistance is a terrific organization that performed exceptionally, there is a broader community that works to "rescue the rescuers." Adm. Thad Allen, USCG, Ret. Thank you, Admiral. We appreciate all the help that these organizations give the Coast Guard. While the spotlight falls on us, as the rescuers, there are numerous people behind the scenes supporting us and, more importantly, our families during these tough times. BZ to Ms. Ludwig and the Coast Guard Foundation for their support. Rese R vist Magazine F R o M ou R Reade R s

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