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Continued Underway Training Opportunities Offered at TRACEN Yorktown's Boat Forces Center Any reservist assigned to a boat forces unit knows it's tough to get in all the underway hours needed to be qualified on the boats. Luckily, the Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown's Boat Forces Center provides underway training to boat force personnel across all service mission areas. The personnel at the Center understand the time and platform limitations for reservists, and they offer multiple courses, both in person and online (through the Coast Guard's Learning Management System), to help with that qualification process. "Attending the courses speeds up the process," said Chief Petty Officer Philip Null, C-school course chief for the BFC. "We have two weeks dedicated to them as individuals. They don't have to split time with other break-ins at their parent units or wait for time behind the wheel." With 16 years of boat experience, and qualifications on 15 platforms, Null has extensive experience teaching, and he said the RB-S crewmember and coxswain classes are especially tailored for reservists. "Our reserve classes are a little smaller, like four to six guys per class," said Null. "They leave with a memo accounting for 80 percent of their signoffs," said instructor Chief Petty Officer Marshall Reedy. "We can't sign off the PQS [personnel qualification standard], but we can confer with the students' training officers at their home units." Reedy, a reserve instructor who also serves as an advisor to the school, said he understood the difficulties in getting qualified for a reservist. "I've been active duty and reserve; things are different," said Reedy, who was assigned specifically to support the reserve courses. "Getting on the water often enough to complete PQS is a tough problem for reservists. [The BFC] expedites their training and experience in the coast Guard." The center's location on Chesapeake Bay gives it access to a mix of fresh water and seawater environments, mimicking coastal areas nationwide. First established as Surfman and Engineer School, and later, the Utility Boat Systems Center in 1989, the facility became the Boat Forces Center in 2005 with the delivery of multiple boat types and the establishment of related courses. The instructors at BFC train more than 800 students in seamanship navigation and boathandling each year. Routine training days are spent entirely underway, with instructor coxswains and students on the water for sorties focused on the successful performance of PQS tasks and standardized underway drills. — Submitted by Boat Forces Center Rese R vist Magazine h eadqua R te R s u pdate Response Boat – Small (I or II) Coxswain Course Preferred option for reserve BM3s seeking dedicated underway training time that may be unavailable at their parent unit. Graduates will be prepared to complete the certification process upon return to their units. Prerequisites – • Participants must be assigned to a unit a Boat Forces unit • Must have successfully completed the Deck Watch Officer (DWO) exam • Must be a certified crewmember or coxswain on another standard boat platform. Reserve Boat Crewmember Course Designed specifically for enlisted reserve personnel assigned to boat force units who are not boatswain's mates. Training sorties are focused on the performance of boat crewmember PQS tasks and STAN team underway drills. Prerequisites – • Participants must be enlisted reservists assigned to a boat forces unit. Quotas are intended for non-BM rates, primarily MK/ME. (BMs complete course material in A-School.) • Participants must NOT be a qualified boat crew member • Participants must have passed the personal physical fitness test, as outlined in the Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual, Volume II, COMDTINST M16114.33, in the last six months. 36 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2018

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