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I'm so glad to be back on track. You may have noticed that our fall issue arrived closer to February. Due to some contract negotiations with our publisher, we had a three-month delay in getting the magazine out to you. We'll be on schedule again here shortly. THOSE HURRICANES THOUGH! I told you it would take two issues to cover it, and here we are. Last issue, we covered the operations. This time… we cover the reservists themselves. You know we sent 1,300 people down to help? Some hard- chargers are still there. I met so many good people during my deployment, and I wish I could cover more of their stories. Some of my fellow PAs joined me in bringing you stories of those reservists who left their civilian jobs to respond. We tried to get one person from each area, Houston, Key West, San Juan, etc., but getting these people to talk about themselves was like pulling teeth. To a person, they all passed credit to their Coast Guard shipmates, and each was awed by the resiliency of the people they were serving. I tell you what – just the most interesting people…. I never get tired of writing about the caliber of people the Reserve brings to the table. They hold down demanding jobs in the civilian world while staying on retainer to plus up the Reserve in times of need. For example, in this issue, you'll meet a doctor who became an HS3; an MST2 who called upon his experience as a water safety specialist; reservists who, as company commanders, train active duty; a BM3 who, as a medical tech, recognized trauma symptoms and saved a woman's life on the streets of San Juan. In the Taps section at the back, we'll honor two shipmates who are too young to be lost this early. If you didn't know Chief Johnson or ME1 Copeland, you'll wish you had. Finally, after thirteen years, it's time to update our infamous UNIFORM ISSUE! (We're not wearing the tucked ODUs anymore, it's about time for a new copy…) Any questions, recommendations or requests, please send them in – Anastasia Devlin Editor-in-Chief Rese R vist Magazine F R o M the edito R Are You Aboard? 860.439.1790 I By registering, you will be kept informed of the latest scuttlebutt, including: • Quarterly Newsletters • Upcoming Events • Major Milestones in the design and construction phases Registration is now open to ALL Coast Guard personnel - active, reserve, retired, civilian, auxiliary and family! Visit to register today! STAY CONNECTED! 2 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2018

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