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Florida boatcrew's quick actions save 5 BM3 Awarded for Rescue A crew of reservists from Coast Guard Station St. Petersburg, Fla., saved five people from a sailing vessel that was drifting onto a rock jetty Jan. 29. The six-member boatcrew was headed in to refuel after completing a routine security patrol when they observed a 32-foot sailboat adrift with smoke coming from the engine room. The vessel's sails were down, and the operator of the vessel told the Coast Guard crewmembers that the engine was inoperable. The crew of the Coast Guard's 29-foot rescue boat took the sailing vessel in a side tow, and embarked the five people aboard, including an infant. A safety inspection revealed expired extinguishers. The crew, Petty Officers 1st Class James Ketcham, Gabriel Aquino, and David Beeler, Petty Officer 2nd Class Thomas Godfrey, and Petty Officers 3rd Class Chris Findley and Franklin Fernandez, saved the vessel from drifting onto the rocks and injuring the occupants. Bravo zulu. — Submitted by Chief Petty Officers Michael Durrett and Steve Tacia, Station St. Petersburg, Fla. Last November, Petty Officer 3rd Class Katrina Aronoff, a reservist at Coast Guard Station Shinnecock in Hampton Bays, N.Y., was mobilized in support of Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, she served in the Incident Command Post as the Demobilization Unit leader. On her way back from dinner with shipmates one night, she glanced out the car window to see a woman at a restaurant being lowered to the ground. Several people were assisting the woman, but she looked limp and unresponsive. Aronoff, a medical professional with 20 years of experience and a chief radiation therapist at Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., recognized the woman's condition and asked the driver to pull over. She ran back to the restaurant. The woman, who was slumped against her husband's legs, wasn't breathing and had no pulse. Aronoff yelled for bystanders to call 911 and began CPR. Her shipmates, recognizing the Puerto Rico's systems might not yield an ambulance as quickly as needed, ran to alert the officers in a nearby police car while Aronoff continued to keep the woman conscious. "I was talking to her, trying to keep her conscious, and I saw the light leave her eyes – I knew I was losing her," said Aronoff. "I never gave up; I couldn't give up." The woman's heart stopped beating four times, said Aronoff. While waiting for EMS crews, she said she even spoke with police when they arrived on scene and requested that they clear the traffic down the narrow street in order for EMS arrive faster. Half an hour later, the ambulance pulled up, and paramedics took over. Aronoff and fellow reservists, Lt. j.g Terry Medlin and Lt. j.g. David Goodwyn, headed home. They found out a few days later that the woman was in stable condition. Cmdr. Shaun Edwards presented Aronoff with a positive page 7 for her efforts, and she later received the Coast Guard Commendation Medal at her home unit. — Submitted by Lt. j.g. Terry Medlin, Sector North Carolina t he crew of the CG29195, Petty Officers 1st Class James Ketcham, Gabriel a quino, and David Beeler, Petty Officer 2nd Class t homas Godfrey, and Petty Officers 3rd Class Chris Findley and Franklin Fernandez. Petty Officer 3rd Class Katrina a ronoff and fellow reservists, Lt. j.g t erry Medlin and Lt. j.g. David Goodwyn, were instrumental in saving a women's life in San Juan, while mobilized in support of Hurricane Maria. Photo Courtesy of Lt. j.g. David Goodwyn 16 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2018

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