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Rese R vist Magazine aR ound the Rese R ve MSU Savannah reservists honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice Petty Officer 2nd Class Savanna Turner had been searching for a way for her unit, Marine Safety Unit Savannah, Ga., to participate in the local community. Specifically, she sought an event that would honor military veterans and coincide with Independence Day celebrations. During her search, she met Vietnam veteran Doug Andrews, a member of the Veterans Council of Chatham County. The Veterans Council is a non- profit organization comprised of 23 veteran organizations. They identified the need for a proper World War II monument and became the leading force behind the fundraising, lobbying and construction of the monument, appropriately named "A World Apart". The monument was designed by Eric Meyerhoff, an Army veteran himself. He served in the Korean War, and his family escaped Nazi Germany in 1938 when he was 12. The monument's name is derived from the split bronze globe that pays tribute in symbolizing both the European and Pacific theaters of the war. Surrounding the monument are paths made of brick, stamped with additional names of those from the area who served in the war. The globe is inlaid with granite and inscribed with the names of fallen WWII military members from the Savannah region. The monument serves as a humble memorial to hundreds of Savannah's service members who never made it home. "I wanted to honor those who served before us," said Turner. "It was also a positive morale event that brought our team and families closer together." When Turner met with Andrews and the Veterans Council, she was astonished to learn that the memorial had not been properly cleaned or maintained since its construction more than seven years ago. After seeing the dulling bronze, weathered bricks and littered grounds, Turner quickly rallied the reservists of MSU Savannah, who, without hesitation, willingly volunteered for the project. After weeks of planning, the day came for Turner to put her plan into action. On a sweltering Saturday afternoon in late F R on T Ro W : Annie Boyd, MSTC Robert Benton, MST3 Carli McSulla, MST2 n icole Leslie, MST2 Savanna Turner Mi DDL e Ro W : en S Scott Boyd, LCDR Robert Griffin, Y n 1 Medrick Dorson, MST2 i an Roberts, MST2 Ken Hayes, LT Josiah Toepher. B ACK Ro W : MST1 Charles Yeargin, MST2 Chris n ewton, Mr. Doug Andrews 8 RESERVIST � Issue 4 • 2017

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