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2016 Admiral Russell R. Waesche Award (<600 members) n inth Coast Guard District The 2016 Admiral Russell R. Waesche Award (Category 1) is presented annually by the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) in recognition of Districts, the Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) and Pacific Area-13 (PACAREA-13) for Port Security Units and Navy Coastal Riverine Force units that are judged to be most supportive of a totally integrated Coast Guard military force as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve component during the previous fiscal year. The award is named for Adm. Russell Waesche, who established the Coast Guard Reserve to bolster readiness during World War II. The Ninth District, which covers the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence Seaway, received the award July 22 in Arlington, Va. Overcoming numerous challenges in FY16, which included funding constraints and billet moves, the Ninth District continued with steady improvement in participation rates and readiness levels. Its reservists maintained an Inactive Duty Training (IDT) participation level of 93 percent. During the busy summer boating season, reservists participating in the Summerstock program assisted in or conducted 268 search and rescue cases, as well as 1,361 vessel boardings, accumulating more than 3,100 underway hours. Working alongside their active duty counterparts all summer helped these reservists master their craft and prepare for future mobilizations. Sector Buffalo provided over 30 reservists who staffed crucial ICS positions during the 2016 Republican National Convention, coordinating numerous local, state and federal resources to suavely execute security missions through the eight-day event. � Rese R vist Magazine Rese R ve e xcellence 32 RESERVIST � Issue 4 • 2017

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