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WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Top Five things to know before applying for a PSU deployment story submitted by Lt. Michael Osattin, PSU 309 and Lt. Jennifer Wong-Reiss, PSU 305 It's amazing how quickly information spreads throughout Reserve network when a Port Security Unit (PSU) receives a warning order to deploy. Reservists from every corner of the country start searching volunteer bulletin boards, calling friends, and emailing PSU staff. The great news is there is almost always a need for surge staffing support when a PSU deploys – opportunities abound to get in the game. However, before you make a phone call, send an email or ask your friends to recommend you to their command, there are a few things you should know. 1. What is a PSU? PSUs are part of the Coast Guard's Deployable Specialized Forces, primarily comprised of reservists, and designed to meet the Coast Guard's Defense Readiness Mission. They are trained and equipped to provide land and waterside physical security, maritime interdiction, and point defense of strategic shipping, critical infrastructure, and high value assets, primarily in an expeditionary environment. They have organic medical, logistics, and communications capabilities and can deploy with Naval Expeditionary Combatant Command assets to support geographical combatant commanders or assist with humanitarian missions throughout the world. 2. Where would you Fit and what ratings exist? Port Security Units are staffed by approximately 150 members. The command structure consists of a commanding officer, executive officer, and command senior enlisted leader, all of whom are reservists. The unit is made of three departments: Operations Department: • Communications Division (OS, IS, ET) • Shoreside Security Division (ME, BM) • Waterside Security Division (BM, MK, ME) Engineering Department: • Maintenance Division (MK, ET, DC) • Weapons Division (GM) Logistics Department: • Administration Division (YN) • Supply Division (SK) • Medical Division (HS) 30 RESERVIST � Issue 4 • 2017

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