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The Shoreside perspective I was first introduced to the PSU in college by another student that lived a few rooms down from me. He would always come back from drill weekend and tell me about life at the PSU and how different it was when compared to other Coast Guard units. The stories I heard about the training and the missions that the PSU supported were so interesting to me that I enlisted. That was fourteen years ago and during that time I've advanced from seaman apprentice to chief petty officer, all while serving at a PSU. The duties of an ME in the Shoreside Security Division include: first line Unit Force Protection; high-value asset (HVA) protection from landside threats; and inspections of vehicles and personnel attempting to enter base entry control points. If you enjoy traveling, the PSU is the place to be. As a member of the PSU, you are also a member of the Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces. PSUs are self-sustaining Reserve units that maintain readiness to deploy anywhere in the world for contingency, emergency, and planned operations. Since joining the PSU fourteen years ago, I've deployed to Kuwait, Cuba and South Korea. Upon assignment to the PSU Shoreside Security Division, an ME is expected to become qualified as a fire team member and fire team leader. Additionally, you can work towards your PSU insignia pin, which can only be achieved by being assigned to a PSU. You will spend a lot of time working with various firearms (qualification and proficiency are a must on all weapons systems). Every Shoreside Security member will learn how to set up an entry control point, defensive fighting positions, conduct patrols and setup overwatch positions. You'll learn these tasks while on-the-job, as well as through the PSU Basic Skills Course held at Special Missions Training Center at Camp Lejeune, NC. The commitment at the PSU is great, but it comes with rewards too. In addition to the team awards and medals that I have earned while stationed at the PSU, there are other advantages. As a reservist, my Post 9-11 GI Bill program was different than that of an active duty member, but I was able to increase my eligibility benefits through my deployments. Since then, I also maximized my GI Bill entitlement and transferred my eligibility to my daughter. This provides her with 36 months of tuition for college. The PSU community is close, and it quickly became my family. The PSU has taken me all around the world, and I've gotten to be a part of the Coast Guard that few people experience. — Chief Matt Shearn (former) PSU 309 Shoreside Security Division Chief Issue 4 • 2017 � RESERVIST 29

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