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Reservists provide law enforcement support in northern border security operation The Coast Guard, in collaboration with U.S. Border Patrol and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, conducted a joint operation, named Green Mountain, from June 23 to July 4 to enhance law enforcement partnerships, synchronize joint response to threats, and increase border security. The joint operation was held along the Canadian border, in the vicinity of Lakes Champlain and Memphremagog. It was designed to detect, deter and prevent illicit maritime activity; sustain maritime domain awareness along the northern border; and improve interagency and inter-national coordination. Though the operation was coordinated through Sector Northern New England, more than a dozen reservists from units across the country took part, providing boat crews and law enforcement support for recreational vessel boardings. "This operation was a perfect illustration of partnering with our law enforcement partners and fostering those relationships," said Lt. j.g. Kyle Wiford, Sector Northern New England's team lead for the operation. "Each agency brought something to the table, including resources, area knowledge, and authorities that were critical to the success of OP Green Mountain." Other participating agencies included the Vermont and New York State Police, Newport Police Department, Franklin Country Sheriff's Office, and the Vermont Intel Center. July, armed with lots of Simple Green, Never Dull, good intentions and a few members' kids in tow (for those hard to reach places!), 20 reservists arrived at the Savannah river front, ready to work. MSU Savannah's Senior Reserve Officer Cmdr. Robert Griffin gave the order for the crew to turn to, and the reservists got to work. Members of the Veteran's Council came out to the sunny grounds with music and drinks, and the two groups chatted and told sea stories as the work progressed. After hours of elbow grease, the brass globe and the surrounding pictures and plaques once again shone brightly. The granite gleamed, revealing reflections in the smooth rock. Trash and debris were cleared and the bordering landscape was manicured. Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Newton employed years of finely-honed pressure washing skills bringing out the original colors of the grounds. The brickwork and walkways, which had become embedded with dirt and litter, were cleared and detailed. Petty officers and lieutenants scrubbed bricks side by side, noting each individual hero's name as it became legible through their hard work. The impact of the crew's efforts was evident. Petty Officer 3rd Class Carli McSulla took a step back to view the difference she and the crew had made. "It was an honor and a privilege to be able to assist with the cleanup of the Memorial," said McSulla. "It's great to be able to make a difference in how the public views and pays respect to the monument." The crew and the Veterans Council members celebrated their hard work by going out to dinner in Savannah. The MSU reservists plan to make community service an annual event. "We're members of the Savannah community -- we're firefighters, civil servants, law enforcement officers and local businessmen; we live to serve this community on and off duty," said Griffin. "As military members, honoring those who came before us is just part of who we are, and we are fortunate for the opportunity." — Story and photos courtesy of Ens. Scott Boyd, MSU Savannah e ns. Scott Boyd rubs the tarnish off a very dear part of the memorial surrounding the bronze globe. Lt. Kyle Higgins, BM1 e rik Bergvik, BM1 Clay Davis, BM3 Luis Calimano, and M e 1 Michael Schebell are just several of the reservists who participated in o peration Green Mountain. Photo courtesy of Lt. j.g. Kyle Wiford. Issue 4 • 2017 � RESERVIST 9

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