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The View I Rear Admiral Kurt B. Hinrichs Senior Reserve Officer Pacific Area was recently perusing past issues of the Reservist to avoid unnecessarily repeating relevant topics when I came upon an article authored by RADM Seward (Ret) entitled "A View from the Tractor." RADM Seward noted that he did a lot of thinking about the Coast Guard while he was driving a tractor on his almond farm. Well I don't drive a tractor, but I do try to run every day, and during these runs frequently ϐind myself thinking about the oast uard eserveǤ Lately, I've pondered the inevitability that our Coast Guard budget will be affected by efforts to deal with deϐicits and national debtǡ and that the oast uard demonstrate our value to the nation and the Coast Guard to justify our budget. We are fortunate that, due to your hard work and the leadership of those who have preceded me, the Coast Guard Reserve has proven its worth and is highly regarded by the public, by my fellow active duty Flag fϐicersǡ and the rest of the oast uardǤ ere in ampaǡ approximately ʹ5 reservists assigned to D7, Sector St. Petersburg and U.S. Northern Command were recently involved in waterborne security in support of the Republican National Convention, a National Special Security Event. On a much larger scaleǡ in ʹ010ǡ over ʹǡ600 reservists were mobilized under itleǦ14 in response to the eep ater orizon il pillǤ nd in ʹ001Ǧʹ00ʹǡ nearly 59Ψ of the the tragic events of 11 eptemberǤ three irreducible components that must always be in place. Ȉ Ȉ Ȉ eserve force served following that we continue to be the same highlyǦskilled and ready force for future contingenciesǫ e must be trained ȋqualiϐied and certiϐiedȌ to do our assigned jobsǤ e must be Dzgreendz on our personal metrics and thus fully medically ready so we are able to come onto active duty. e must organize our civilian lives so that we can answer the call to mobilize when we are needed for surge operationsǤ Each of these components is simple, but each one requires tremendous coordination and a heaping dose of personal responsibility on the part of each member. What has earned us the respect of the senior leadership and even the nation at largeǫ believe it is the fact that we are citizenǦsailors who are always readyǤ t stands to reason that not being trainedǡ Dzgreenǡdz and ready to mobilize would cause us to become irrelevant more swiftly than any other scenario ȋbut please, let's not test my theory.) ometimes while runningǡ think about what my family and have sacriϐiced for the opportunity "What has earned us the respect of the CG senior leadership and even the nation at large? I believe it is the fact that we are citizen-sailors who are always ready." 6 RESERVIST ᕇ *TTVF t to serve in the Coast Guard Reserve – the missed anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, weekends off, and many other ordinary days that may seem trivial to some, but are important to me and my familyǤ ut it never takes more than a few hundred yards for those thoughts to turn to how much have beneϐited from being a oast uard eservistǤ or meǡ the greatest beneϐit has been the satisfaction derive from being part of securing our nation's homeland – a task much larger than myself and more enduring than just my generation. get to serve with the best military in the worldǡ a great organization with worthwhile missions involving maritime safetyǡ security and stewardshipǤ nd then thereǯs the random extraǦspecial reward when a stranger approaches simply to say, "Thank you for your service." I also remember that although I voluntarily participate, membership has its privileges. urrentlyǡ our oldest child is attending college with the assistance of the ostǦ9Ȁ11 ut how do we continue to maintain our relevance and ensure here are eserve must continue to ill beneϐitsǤ We are enrolled in TRICARE medical and dental insurance because those plans beat the socks off what my civilian employer offersǡ both in terms of cost and serviceǤ to what I earn as a civilian in private business, is appreciated all of the time, and retirement pay awaits me at age sixty ȋgetting closer all the timeǤȌ hen thereǯs programsǤ ǡ eing a oast ǡ and various support uard eservist has been a welcome change from what do in my civilian job, and I'm glad I have both. o the reason speak about relevance and beneϐits in the same article is thisǣ letǯs stay relevant so we can reap the beneϐits of serving in the Ǥ Ǥ oast uardǤ he extra incomeǡ in addition

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