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Awards Lt. Peter Reeves, USCGRU MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL PACM Peter Capelotti JOINT SERVICE COMMENDATION MEDAL Lt. Peter Reeves MLES3 John D. Mosley COAST GUARD COMMENDATION MEDAL PACM Peter Capelotti COAST GUARD ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL Lt. Dan Orchard Lt. j.g. Fiorella Michelucci BM2 Timothy Vamosi LETTER OF COMMENDATION Lt. Emir Holmes OSCM Daniel West BM1 Christopher Desh BM2 Clinton Cortright BM3 Jonathon Barterian 1 enneth ilmore ME2 Jonathon Nugent ME3 Adam Grabert CG RESERVE GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL MECS Matthew McClintock GMC Mark Harvey 1 aul aitino MST1 Jonathan Thackston ME2 Matthew Laurence ME1 Bradford Simpson ME1 Joseph Shapiro PORT SECURITY UNIT INSIGNIA Lt.j.g. Josue Roman Lt.j.g. Sean Hourigan BM2 Christopher Varga ʹ atthew arding BM3 Jonathon Barterian BM3 Samuel Papp ADVANCEMENTS: 1 evin eyden BM1 Andrew Arnold BM1 Christopher Desh BM2 Andy Heppard BM2 Christopher Varga BM2 Aaron Burgin BM2 Brendan Loerch Capt.Paul F. Egner, Jr., USCGR retired, died August 23, 2012 in Houston, Texas. He was born in Philadelphia on March 1, 1937 and attended public schools in Philadelphia and Ambler, PA. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1959, he entered the U.S. Coast Guard at Yorktown, VA. After commissioning in December 1959, he was assigned to duty in San Francisco where he met Jane Heberling. They married in Honolulu in June 1960 and lived in the San Francisco Bay area. In 1963 Paul joined Shell Oil Company and worked in various assignments in California before moving to Houston in 1975. Paul is survived by his wife Jane Egner of 52 years; children Paul F. Egner, III of Houston; Tom Egner of Spring; and Holly Dockery and husband llen of Dockery, and Ben Dockery; and his brother John Egner and wife Linda of New York City. Paul stayed in the Coast Guard Reserve, serving in units in California, exasǡ and ouisianaǡ and retired in 19ͺ6 with the rank of aptainǤ ʹ hane unningham ʹ olton ʹ artin ʹ ark ienk och arding ʹ atthew arr ͵ enneth mith His career at Shell ranged from retail marketing to marine oil spill response retiring in 1997. During his lifetime he participated in numerous civic industry organizations including the Ports and Waterways Committee of the Houston Chamber of Commerce, American Petroleum Institute, the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council, the State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee, the Houston Bar Association Fee Dispute Committee, ouston rand pera uildǡ the his Subdivision Board of Directors. eserve fϐicers ssociationǡ and *TTVF t ᕇ RESERVIST 47 NORTHCOM, pictured here with his wife Katherine and daughters Cayla (left) and Maggie following an awards ceremony during which he received a Joint Service Commendation Medal. Taps ypressǢ grandchildren atherine gnerǡ rew

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