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Upcoming Yellow Ribbon Events October 5-7 ;IV 8MLZW +) IZMI Event: pre-deployment Primary audience: PSU 311 November 2012: Tidewater (VA) area Event: 60-day post-deployment Primary audience: PSU 305 November 9-11 Ohio area Event: 30-day post-deployment Primary audience: PSU 309 Mr. Curtis Dubay, P.E., Director, Executive Secretariat for Intelligence, MDA and Information Sharing (CG- 2-E) presents the CG Achievement Medal to Lt.j.g. Fiorella Michelucci, USCGR for her efforts conducting a pilot of the Border Protection's Automated Commercial Environment Maritime & Rail (ACE M1) production system at Sector Charleston. These events are open to all eligible Reserve members and their families or friends. For more information about these events, or to determine eligibility, contact the Yellow Ribbon Program at: December 7-9 6M_ 7ZTMIV[ Event: 30-day post-deployment 8ZQUIZa I]LQMVKM" 5;;< 674) January 18-20 +PQKIOW Event: 60-day post-deployment Primary audience: PSU 309 FRA Education Foundation Launches 2012-2013 Scholarship Season The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) Education Foundation is gearing up for the 2012-2013 season. September marks the beginning of the Foundation's scholarship year, when applications for 2013 awards become available. To be eligible for FRA Education Foundation awards, applicants U][\ JM INÅTQI\ML _Q\P \PM 6I^a 5IZQVM +WZX[ WZ +WI[\ /]IZL either through their own service or that of a spouse, parent or grandparent. Foundation scholarships of up to $5,000 are funded through private donations, established trusts and corporate [XWV[WZ[PQX[ IVL ZMKQXQMV\[ IZM [MTMK\ML JI[ML WV ÅVIVKQIT VMML IKILMUQK [\IVLQVO KPIZIK\MZ IVL TMILMZ[PQX Y]ITQ\QM[ 5MUJMZ[ of the FRA and their family members qualify for a broader range of scholarships, several of which are funded through member legacy donations. For more information please visit: 44 RESERVIST ᕇ *TTVF t A "Salute to the Armed Services/Veterans" in Tennessee The 2012 "Salute to the Armed Services/ Veterans" game will be on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at Johnny "Red" Floyd Stadium on the KIUX][ WN 5QLLTM

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