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US AIR FORCE SENIOR NON-COMMISSION OFFICER COURSE Course Code: 400301 Duration: 43 Days at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Ala. o pply email the following information to homas illman at homasǤ fϐicer and ommand old adgeǤ Subject: Application for AFSNCOA Ȉ ameǡ ankǡ and mployee Ȉ ate of ank and ender Ȉ Ȉ Ȉ Ȉ ctive urrent unitȀ osition wo course dates you are available to attend Ȉ ontact nformationǣ elephone number and mail address Ȉ Note: his course meets attend. PREREQUISITES: 1Ǥ e ctive uty or Ȁ endorsement must include that applicant is within weight standards and is an excellent Coast Guard representative requirements for advancement eligibility to Ǧͺ and previous graduates of the eserve ȋ Ǧ7ǡ Ǧͺǡ Ǧ9Ȍ 2. Members must be in compliance with CG Weight Standards at time of training request and prior to execution of orders. 3. Have a professional appearance in and out of uniform. 4Ǥ e ϐit for full duty and able to participate in the ir orce ϐitness program ȋ unning is requiredȌǤ 5. Have passed CG Boat Crew Physical Fitness assessment within the past 6 months from application 6. Be committed to providing full attention to AFSNCOA curriculum and activities. 7. Have a one year obligated service remaining upon graduation. COURSE INFO: The Air Force provides a curriculum based on improving communication, teamwork, and maximizing professional and personal development opportunities, while improving management procedures to meet current and foreseeable requirements. his high proϐile llied rmed orcesǤ ome cademy classes consists of 4͵0 topǦrated enior nlisted leaders from all branches of the nited tates and oreign and oreign service members come in contact with the Ǥ Ǥ oast uard for the ϐirst time in their military careers. You are tasked with showing fellow Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen the amazing accomplishments of our great service and our Chiefs Mess. US AIR FORCE NON-COMMISSION OFFICER COURSE Course Code: 501358 Duration: 38 days at McGhee-Tyson AFB in Knoxville, TN o apply submit a memo toǣ ppointment oard ia homas Your Memo must have Command and CMC endorsement and should address: 1. Employee ID, your unit and address, phone number, email, time in serviceǡ time in rankǡ a statement that you are ϐit for full dutyǡ and you are within your MAW and your two convening date choices. 2. Describe current responsibilities and collateral duties as they relate to the ʹͺ leadership competencesǤ 3. Describe how you have incorporated the Guardian Ethos with a focus on the Core Values into your life both on and off duty. 4. Why you believe this training will help you become a better leader. 5. The command endorsements should state at a minimum, that you will be an excellent CG representative who presents a sharp military appearanceǡ and the member is ϐit for full duty and within else to attend this school. and why this person should be chosen over anyone PREREQUISITES: This training is primarily for E6 but E5s can apply. Member must be an excellent representative of the U.S. Coast uardǡ who presents a sharp military appearanceǡ in compliance with llowable eight tandardsǡ be ϐit for full duty and able to participate in the ir ational uard ϐitness program and have one year obligated service remaining upon graduationǤ COURSE INFO: he oncommissioned fϐicer cademy is accredited by the ommunity ollege of the ir orce ȋ *TTVF t ȌǤ awards all graduates 12 semester hours of college credit: Military Studies II - 3, Leadership Studies II - 6, Managerial Communication II - 3. ᕇ RESERVIST 43 illman Ǧ1͵͵Ǥ SESSION # START DATE END DATE 13-2 1͵Ǧ͵ 13-4 13-6 1͵Ǧ7 1͵Ǧͺ 11/05/12 01Ȁ0ͺȀ1͵ 02/26/13 04/16/13 07Ȁ09Ȁ1͵ 09Ȁ10Ȁ1͵ 12/12/12 0ʹȀ14Ȁ1͵ 04/04/13 05/23/13 0ͺȀ15Ȁ1͵ 10Ȁ17Ȁ1͵ cademy are eligible to eserve tatus # name and contact information uty or Ǥ illman̷uscgǤmil with a 10/25/12 01/14/13 03/19/13 05Ȁ1͵Ȁ1͵ 0ͺȀ06Ȁ1͵ ǣ to your ommanding SESSION # START DATE END DATE 13A 13B 13C 1͵ 1͵ 12/13/12 03/01/13 05/02/13 06ȀʹͺȀ1͵ 09Ȁʹ0Ȁ1͵

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