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Enlisted Leadership Training Opportunities There are several Enlisted Leadership training opportunities available to all enlisted membersǤ hey are speciϐic to selected payǦ grades align with the Coast Guard's Leadership continuum. All of these courses are US Coast Guard Class "C" schools. Therefore, they are funded and supported by CG HQ. Units are not permitted to spend unit funds to send members to these schools. Reserve members will be issued "no cost" orders from TQC and must request funding from servicing (dxr). Requests should be submitted 45 days prior to course convening date. Additional information for each course can be found on the TQC website: LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SCHOOL (LAMS) Course Code: 340720 Duration: 5 Days To Apply submit Electronic Training Request (ETR) for a Resident class at Training Center Petaluma, Training Center Yorktown, or USCG Academy in New London, or contact the Point of Contact (POC) at the unit hosting the Exportable class near your unitǤ he schedule below is for ϐirst half of FY13 only. PREREQUISITES: LAMS is for E-5s wanting to advance to E-6 and is mandatory for participation in the E-6 SWE. It is available at resident classes in Training Center Petaluma, Training Center Yorktown, or USCG Academy in New London. is also exported to the ϐleet and available at various units during the year. COURSE INFO: LAMS is a unique 5-day course which develops Leadership and Management Skills for direct supervisors and mid-level leaders through an experience- based curriculum. All successful graduates of the LAMS course will receive 3 upper-level college credits in Organizational Development from the American Council on Education. SESSION # START DATE TRAINING FACILITY NAME 1347 1͵4ͺ 1349 1350 1351 1͵5ʹ 1353 1͵54 1355 1356 1357 1͵5ͺ 1359 1360 1361 1362 1͵6͵ 1364 1͵65 1͵67 1͵6ͺ 1369 1370 1371 10/15/2012 BSU ALAMEDA 10Ȁ15Ȁʹ01ʹ 10/15/2012 CG ACADEMY 10/22/2012 CG TRACEN PETALUMA 10/22/2012 BSU NEW ORLEANS 10ȀʹʹȀʹ01ʹ 11/05/2012 CG ACADEMY 11Ȁ05Ȁʹ01ʹ 11/05/2012 PSSU MIAMI 12/03/2012 CG ACADEMY 12/03/2012 ATC MOBILE, AL 1ʹȀ10Ȁʹ01ʹ 12/10/2012 Sector Delaware Bay 01/07/2013 BSU PORTSMOUTH 01/07/2013 CG LA/LONG BEACH 01/14/2012 CG ACADEMY 01Ȁ14Ȁʹ01͵ ector ey 01/14/2013 AIRSTA CAPE COD 01ȀʹͺȀʹ01͵ 01ȀʹͺȀʹ01͵ ector olumbia iver 0ʹȀ11Ȁʹ01͵ eliance 03/04/2013 Sault Ste Marie, Mi 03/04/2013 SECTOR CHARLESTON 03/04/2013 CG ACADEMY USCG CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ACADEMY Course Code: 230442 Duration: 33 Days in Petaluma, Calif. USCG RESERVE CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ACADEMY Course Code: 500884 To apply submit an Electronic Training Request In Direct Access PREREQUISITES: Must be E-7 or above the cut for advancement to E-7, and have prior approval from CGPC (epm-2) to be frocked to the next higher pay grade. COURSE INFO: To meet service and unit leadership needs by preparing new hief etty fϐicer orpsǤ his course teaches fϐicers for the increased responsibility as a member of the hief hief etty etty fϐicers a thorough understanding of their role as Leaders, Managers, Advisors, and Educators. Instruction is provided in areas of work-life, wellness, human resource management, oral and written communications, career information, human relations, and military customs and courtesiesǤ er 17͵Ȁ9ͺǡ all Ǧ7s advanced on or after 1 an 1999 are required to attend this course. Per ALDIST 219/99 and CG PERSMAN, graduation from this course or from a Department of Defense Senior Enlisted Academy is required for all new CPOs (1 Jan 99 and after) in order to be eligible to participate for advancement to ǦͺǤ Ǧ6s above the cut for advancement to must obtain approval from CG Personnel Command (epm-2) to be frocked to the next higher pay grade before members will be enrolled into a CPOA class. *TTVF t ᕇ RESERVIST 41 CG RES CPO ACADEMY SESSION # START DATE END DATE 0103 0104 0105 10/22/2012 11/02/2012 05/13/2013 05/24/2013 0ͺȀ04Ȁʹ01͵ 0ͺȀ16Ȁʹ01͵ Duration: 2 Weeks CG CPO ACADEMY SESSION # START DATE END DATE 0191 019ʹ 0193 0194 0195 0196 0197 019ͺ 11/05/2012 12/07/2012 01Ȁ07Ȁʹ01͵ 0ʹȀ0ͺȀʹ01͵ 02/11/2013 03/15/2013 0͵Ȁ1ͺȀʹ01͵ 04Ȁ19Ȁʹ01͵ 04/22/2013 05/24/2013 06/10/2013 07/12/2013 07Ȁ15Ȁʹ01͵ 0ͺȀ16Ȁʹ01͵ 0ͺȀʹ6Ȁʹ01͵ 09Ȁʹ7Ȁʹ01͵ est

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