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Letters FROM THE EDITOR R ecentlyǡ was on an ohǦdarkǦthirty ϐlight from Washington, DC to Oakland, CA for the wedding of our youngest son. Before I dozed off a headline on the cover of the inǦϐlight magazine caught my attention. It read, "Life, like golf, is all about how you play out of the rough." For a long-in-the-tooth duffer like me this analogy is certainly one with which I can relate. In fact, it instantly brought to mind what I consider the best clutch shot from the rough ever. It was during a play-off for this year's Master Golf Championship between Louis Oosthuizen and Bubba Watson. Watson had put his tee shot well into the woods and out of sight of the green. With his ball sitting on a mixture of pine needles and straw beneath a stand of tall trees, Watson created a shot that not only cleared the surrounding hazards but hooked some forty yards and landed on the green where he drained his putt to win the championship and the coveted Green Jacket. As we go about our daily lives much of what we do is straight down the fairway. But there are times when we ϐind ourselves playing out of the roughǤ his is when the training, the attention to detail, and discipline make it possible for us to create the circumstances for success. In this issue of the Reservist you will ϐind a number of stories about how reservists like yourself are taking advantage of a variety of training opportunities to enhance their individual readiness for surge and contingency response. Some attended formal courses like the Reserve RB-S Boat Crewman Course at Yorktown. Others participated in locally developed training focused on increasing competency and proϐiciency in core pollution response and law enforcement. When the inevitable call to duty comes, these reservists will bring with them the conϐidence of knowing thatǡ like ubbaǡ should they ϐind themselves in the rough they will have the tools necessary to ϐind their way to the green. Anima est Bonus! Jeff Smith 2 RESERVIST ᕇ *TTVF t SYMONS FAMILY RESPONDS TO SUPPORT FROM COAST GUARD FAMILY My son, Ensign Christopher Symons, was the subject of the article "Fallen Reservist Inspires Lasting Legacy", found on pages 30-31 of Issue 2-2012. I want to thank the Reservist for publishing the article written by Lt. Sara McPherson. Sara was very gracious in contacting us for background information and content editing on the article. My family and I are particularly grateful to Captain Farris for the changes he made to the Reserve program at Sector San Diego and the honor he bestowed to Christopher. We are also forever grateful to the Coast Guard family for the compassion and care they provided to us at our time of need. Semper Paratus, CDR Dick Symons, USCGR (Ret.) QUESTION ABOUT RESERVE ENLISTED PERSON OF THE YEAR PHOTO I was under the impression that I would not be receiving any more hard copy issues of the Reservist. However, I was glad to get it. Beautiful layout, great articles, et cetera. Then I looked at the RPOY story. With all the latest photo shop available ϐind it hard to understand how the photo of hief Jessica Snyder is shown with chief's collar devices while still wearing her 1st class patch on her blouse! That could have easily been cropped. As a writer, editor and producer I am acutely aware of things like this. Please be alert to similar situations in the future. Congratulations from one REPOY to another. PSC Maxine Cavanaugh USCGR (Ret.) 1985 REPOY Note: Chief, thanks for your feedback. While it is true we could have photo shopped or cropped the photo, we felt the original most accurately portrayed the moment it documented. - JDS SPECIAL THANK YOU Thank you for publishing the article and picture of the memorial for DC3 Bruckenthal. The memorial was designed and created by BM1 John Quincy Lawton during deployment in 2010. Respectfully, oast uard missions including BM1 Ute Kavanaugh, USCGR CORRECTION: Due to a production error in Issue 2 – 2012, the last sentence of the article entitled, "Managing Personnel Resources in Troubled Times" was left off. The complete sentence should have read as follows: "The creation of the MRTT Go Team is a small step in the way forward to resolve the conϔlict between requirements management and requirements sourcingǡ and every person in the oast uard can make a differenceǤ̺ We apologize to both the author and our readers for this error. -JDS

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