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Sector Mobile Provides Concurrent Training Opportunities By Lt. Cmdr. Kim Guedry, Sector Mobile Senior Reserve Officer In late May, Sector Mobile simultaneously hosted two training opportunities during which forty-six students completed upwards of 95% of the required Performance ualiϐication tandards ȋ Ȍ towards a qualiϐicationǤ Boat Crew College was held for a second year at Station estinǡ while in obile the ector held itǯs ϐirstǦever acility Inspector School. Reservists from across the Eighth District, in addition to members from District 7, attended the courses. Boat Crew College. In an effort to better prepare and qualify Reserve boat crew personnel for surge operations, Sector Mobile offered its second Coast Guard-wide Boat Crew College (BCC). Team members assembled a group of highly qualiϐied instructors who identiϐied critical gaps in eserve boat crew trainingǡ and Sector Mobile Boat Crew College students and Sector support team. provided a thorough course curriculum enabling twenty-six students to complete 95% of the initial Boat Crewmember's PQS during a two-week period. The instructors provided a challenging course of underway and classroom teachings, including day and night time training exercises. The training team also assisted students in meeting many core requirements to include: team coordination trainingǡ ϐirst aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitationǡ personal water survival, emergency distress signaling, and pyrotechnics training. Instructors demonstrated navigation and piloting fundamentals, seamanship, Response Boat Small (RB-S) design characteristics, operational and emergency procedures, boat handling, law enforcement, and RB-S tactics. The boat college curriculum effectively met the needs of the students while not impacting the normal search and rescue capabilities of Station Destin which graciously hosted the training. Facility Inspector School. Taking lessons learned from last year's BCC initiation, Sector Mobile wanted to provide the Prevention Department with an equally beneϐicial trainingǤ o that end and in an effort to better prepare and qualify reserve facility inspector personnel for surge operations, the Sector hosted a Coast Guard-wide Facility Inspector School (FIS). Team members assembled a group of highly qualiϐied instructors who identiϐied critical gaps in eserve facility inspector training, and provided a very thorough course curriculum enabling twenty students to complete 90-95% of the Facility Inspector's PQS within the same two-week period. Course instructors executed a challenging regimen of classroom lectures and ϐield training exercisesǡ adjusting to meet each studentǯs pre-existing knowledge level and individual training needs. Core requirements covered included Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response refresher training, Facility Security and Response Plan review, operations manual review, Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement database training, and Maritime Security Risk Assessment Model training. The team also coordinated actual ϐield inspectionsǡ which included ulk iquid Transfer facilities and Liquid Natural and Hazardous Gas facilities. Bravo Zulu. Neither Sector Mobile nor Station Destin could have successfully executed these two simultaneous events without the efforts of an integrated active duty and reserve support team, including the team members with the administrative and logistical expertise to ϐinalize ordersǡ payǡ allowancesǡ travel claims, and berthing. In recognition of the effort required to plan, coordinate, support, and execute these training opportunities, the BCC and FIS Planning and Support Teams were awarded the Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation. The team member's ultimate reward will be when they put their training into practice by completing their PQS, studying, sitting for their boards, and maintaining their qualiϐicationsǤ Finally, congratulations to all graduates and all Sector Mobile Facility Inspector class and Sector support team 28 RESERVIST ᕇ *TTVF t involved! ᕇ

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