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Retirement List RET-1 (Retired With Pay) MARCH 2017 Lt. Cmdr. Peter Schuberth Lt. Walter Rogers MED4 Charles Duncan PSS4 Barbara Fagan MAT3 Thomas McGee BOSN2 Frank Verheul BMCM Thomas Geiger BMCM Richard Lieberman BMCS Robert Fripp IVC Jerry Meyer PSC Joseph Nesdill PSC Thomas Shea PSC Robert Welch AE1 Thomas Veasey MK1 Robert King MK1 Carl Taylor SK1 James Green BM3 Raymond Caton APR i L 2017 Cmdr. Paul Anderson Cmdr. Richard Daniels Cmdr. Richard O'Rourke Cmdr. G. Robbins Lt. Jon Morris INV4 Michael Reilly MSSE4 Jeffrey Gradel MECS Joseph Beeton BMC Michael Collins ETC Sigmund Mayerlen FSC Robert Duffy MKC Gordon Minter EM1 William Kendall FS1 Michael Roy MK1 Keith Acosta SK1 Ronald Braun AET2 Mark Finelli BM2 Swanson Pendleton FS2 Thomas Dorfried MAY 2017 Capt. James Howatson Capt. Frank McConnell, Jr. Lt. Cmdr. Joel Dannis CWO Jamie Balzac CWO Bruce Jones MKCM Charles Wade HSCS Kimberly Geno MECS Anthony Guagnini MECS John Sevos MKCS James McQuillen BMC Matthew Varhaug OSC Douglas Weaver PSC Steven Golda BM1 Allen Pederson MK1 Howard Brewer YN1 Cynthia Brewer BM2 Donald Gregory ME2 LesMes Boyenger RET-2 (Retired Awaiting Pay) JAN u ARY 2017 Cmdr. Bruce K. Walker Lt. Cmdr. Ronald E. Lewis CWO Timothy F. Drew IVCM Cletus R. Frederking MSTC Curtis T. Hall MSTC Harold A. Hebert, Jr. ME1 Thomas Faulks MK1 Steven DeLaCrausaz APR i L 2017 Lt. Cmdr. Daniel J. Garry CWO Michael D. Usrey BMCS Robert C. Milne ITC Javier E. Diaz SKC Adrienne M. Krass GM1 Timothy A. Ritter MK2 Thomas A. Lincoln MAY 2017 Cmdr. Robert M. Cooper Lt. Cmdr. Julie M. Nussberger Lt. Mark Briggs CWO Andrew J. Reyes EMCS Phillip T. Martinez MEC William D. Hooker MKC James Henderson DC2 James J. Petrini — Compiled by YNC Joseph R. McGonagle, USCGR (ret.) HS2 Angela Albright retired from Port Security Unit (PSU) 313 Sept. 30, 2016. " d oc" Albright, a PSU 313 plankowner, returned to the unit for a brief retirement ceremony Jan. 21. Albright holds her shadowbox, flanked by some of her PSU 313 shipmates. l eft to right, Chief Joel Burkhardt, Petty Officer 2nd Class Angela Albright, Chief Chuck Hausworth, and l t. Cmdr. Wes Burns. Photo courtesy of of SK1 Stefen Montag. Capt. Gary W. Jones, and his wife, Jill McGrath-Jones, pose with a family friend l t. Matt z olnierek, his wife Erica, and his daughter Amelia, after his retirement ceremony at Coast Guard Headquarters, July 21. Capt Jones retired after 26 years of distinguished service. Photo by PA2 Emaia Rise

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