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I haven't seen him since, but the article made me smile, and his guidance to a young ensign helped point me toward, and sustain, a successful Coast Guard Reserve career. BZ Capt. Handy for all you've done. CAPT Russ Cherry, USCGR (ret.) This letter is just one of the many we received about Capt. Handy's story. He was a delight to interview, and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to share his stories. To the Editor: The article in Vol. LXIV, Issue 2 about Olivia Hooker's service in the Coast Guard mentions she was "advanced" from YN1 to YN2, which needs some correction. — CAPT Jerome L. Grill, USCGR (ret.) Thank you, Captain. We appreciate the sharp eye. Indeed, Dr. Hooker left yeoman school as a YN3, not a YN1. To the Editor: I was just glancing through Vol. LXIV, Issue 2, and was interested to see an article about the PSUs in the NAG. For the most part, the article was okay, with the information right "for the most part." The mission for PSUs 311 AND 313 to deploy began in February. One glaring error was the statement that PSU 313 redeployed in June 2003 - in fact, PSU 313 departed Kuwait on 26 August 2003. — CDR Andrew Niemann, USCGR (ret.) To the Editor: I retired from the USCGR after serving almost 30 years (after 9-11 most of my time was on active duty). I served in District Nine and with PSU 309. I thoroughly enjoyed my time traveling, meeting other Coasties and serving this great country we are privileged to live in. In this issue's "FROM THE EDITOR," I appreciate the take away: "while not special, reservists are unique…" Loved reading Capt. Walter Handy's interview (Hidden Figure), and I and other members of the USCG should thank him every day for "saving the USCG". Can't wait for his next article. This is history that should be passed along in future "boot camps." Another story which was heartfelt and great reading was some more history. The article on ME Carlos Sowell about Pvt. Charles Hazard. I could comment on all of the articles, pictures, etc. found in every issue of Reservist but it would take a very long email. Safe to say, keep up the great work on these publications. I look forward to every issue!! — YNC Barbara J. Bebout, USCGR (ret.) CORRECTIONS Last issue, we printed a story about SMTC's ME1 Carlos Sowell honoring his great uncle, Army Pvt. Charles Hazard. In it, 20-year- old Hazard was wounded in October 1864 but lived until "January of 1965." Several readers let us know that should have been 1865. Good catch. In the article on the new C-school training process (p. 34), Cmdr. Ramassini's name is misspelled. Our apologies, sir.

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