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T urning past the jetty wall, barely visible light streams over the mountains, and a light fog fills the air. Passing the concrete jetty, the coxswains push their throttles, propelling the 32-foot Transportable Port Security boats (TPSB) into the mist toward their security zone. In the land of the morning calm, these Coast Guard Port Security Unit (PSU) crews are here to enforce an area around the USNS WHEELER as its crew lays a two-mile long pipeline and hose to shore. Five thousand miles from home, the 126 members of PSU 312, augmented by crews from the other seven Coast Guard PSUs, deployed for Combined Logistics Over-the-Shore (CJLOTS), an operation of Exercise Operation Pacific Reach (OPRex17), in Pohang, Republic of Korea, April 1-15. More than 1,200 ROK forces and 2,500 U.S. personnel participated in OPRex17. Though they make up only a small portion of these deployed units, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their missions varied, from conducting security zones, to providing additional facility security alongside Republic of Korea military and police, to strengthening ROK and U.S. alliance logistics capabilities within air, land, maritime, space and information environments. In other words: it's what PSUs do best. "We are a rapidly deployable unit, organized for sustained operations," said Lt. Chris Crowther, logistics officer for PSU 312. "We're ready for sea, rail or air transportation within hours of mobilization and establish port security operations within 24 hours upon arrival." 24 RESERVIST � Issue 3 • 2017

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