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Sector San Diego's California Spill Drill Contingency Planning reservists from Sector San Diego planned and facilitated a functional Incident Command System (ICS) exercise Mar. 19. This exercise, which consisted of more than 20 reserve and active duty personnel, simulated a fully staffed incident command post and tested their ability to respond to a marine casualty and oil spill in the San Diego Harbor. Military and civilian members from Sector San Diego, Sector LA/LB, and 11th District assisted with facilitating and evaluating the exercise. As the Coast Guard adheres to a multi-year training and exercise plan that satisfies Congressionally-mandated and Commandant- directed exercises, events such as this functional exercise not only test and better prepare our members for real world events, but can greatly assist our active duty counterparts in fulfilling their contingency exercise requirements in support of the National Exercise Program (NEP). — Submitted by Lt. Brad Bryan and Lt. David Bavencoff Station Eaton's Neck reservists in right place at right time Reservists from Station Eaton's Neck, N.Y., were conducting two-boat training in Huntington Harbor, N.Y., May 8 when they heard a faint cry for help. In a nearby mooring field, they spotted an 89-year-old man in the water, tangled in lines from his sailboat. While attempting to cross from an inflatable dinghy to his sailboat, he'd fallen into the 53-degree water and couldn't pull himself aboard. He'd been in the water for 20 minutes, when, as part of the training, the crew aboard the smaller of the two boats, the RBS, turned off their engine and heard his cries for help. The helmsman, Chief Jim Strack, brought the RB-S alongside the sailboat, and Petty Officer 1st Class Bob Drescher climbed aboard to untangle the man. The boat was unstable, so Petty Officer 2nd Class John Guercio and Dresher worked together to help the man up. The victim was suffering from severe hypothermia. The crew transferred him to EMS onshore where he made a full recovery. The crew of RB-M ensured the stability of the sailboat and secured it along with the dinghy. "Almost all of us on board were local cops, and we know the guys from the Halesite Volunteer Fire Department," said Strack. "We knew the area, and were able to pick the right transfer spot to get the victim to a hospital fast." The crew of the RB-S, including Strack, Drescher, Guercio, boat coxswain Petty Officer 2nd Class Stephen McPhail, and Seaman Tyler Ketchum (active duty), were all awarded the Commandant's Letter of Commendation. "Our reservists come in and integrate with the active duty crew right away," said Senior Chief Anthony Martinez, officer-in-charge for Station Eaton's Neck. "They know the area, and they train for times like these. I'm proud of my crew." — Submitted by BMC Jim Strack The crew of Station Eaton's Neck's CG-29269: BMC Jim Strack, SN Tyler Ketchum, MK1 Bob d resher, BM2 John Guercio, and BM2 Stephen McPhail. Reservist l t. Kelsey Barrion (Sector San d iego) serves as the Situation Unit l eader for this exercise to disseminate information on the status of current operations to the command and general staff. 10 RESERVIST � Issue 3 • 2017

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