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Rese R vist Magazine aR ound the Rese R ve Cyber Warriors: Reservists Help the CG Get to Green The technology of today is the history of tomorrow. Constantly evolving and extending the boundaries of what's possible is a daily occurrence. Along with the positive effects of technology, there's the real and imminent threat that it can be used to do as much harm as good. One needs look no further than today's headlines to know the challenges of cyber security. Cyber is a complex, ever evolving environment which requires constant monitoring. This in turn requires a high degree of manpower and specialty skill. One of the ways that the Coast Guard stays ahead of the curve and keeps a watchful eye is the Analytics team. The Coast Guard's Cyber CAT Delta Analytics Team, or CGCC- 35, consists of civilian, active duty and reservist personnel. "This is highly specialized work that takes a fair amount of on- the-job training and ingenuity to master," said Chief Warrant Officer Scott Reckner, the active duty supervisor for CGCC-35. "These reservists bring the knowledge and skills that they have acquired from Coast Guard training, civilian education and work experiences to this assignment. It's impressive to watch them use those skills to produce a product that is meaningful and important to the defense of the Coast Guard's newest operating environment, Cyberspace." Analytics serves an extremely important role in cyber security. They comb through, gather and decipher tons of information day in and day out. "We aren't tasked with finding, diagnosing and remediating every problem; that would be ineffective," said Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas Coppola, an Information Systems Technician in the CGCC-35. "What we do is aggregate the data, determine what we are deficient in and bring it to the table to discuss with the difference makers in the C4IT and cyber community in the Coast Guard." The scorecard is one of the ways for the Department of Defense (DoD) or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to keep track of the cyber security posture of their respective components. "It's sort of a report card, with minimum grades (scores), in which the Coast Guard is responsible to comply to," said Coppola. The Analytics Team shown here are (Left side front to back): Contractor Chris Wigginton (a Reserve i TC), i T1 Anthony Moreno, CW o Scott Reckner, i T1 Thomas Coppola and civilian employee Jonathan Abolins. Right side (back to front): i T2 Charles Fries, i T2 Allen Benedetti, YN2 Jack Rheiner, i T2 Mark Konik and YNC Leon Troy. Not pictured i T2 Carlos Amaro. 8 RESERVIST � Issue 2 • 2017

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