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Building on last year's first-ever Sector Delaware Bay's Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisors (SERA) Workshop, the Sector Field Office (SFO) located at Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City hosted the 2017 workshop on Saturday, February 11, 2017. An overwhelming success , the workshop attendees (both in person and via teleconference) included the 5th District Commander, Rear Adm. Meredith Austin, 5th District Senior Reserve Officer (SRO) Capt. Michael Arnold, Acting Chief, Office of Reserve Affairs Capt. Michael Barton, Coast Guard Reserve Force Master Chief (CGRF-MC) Eric Johnson, MK Rating Force Master Chief Chris Allard, Boat Forces Reserve Management Program Manager Don Hartmayer, and Senior Chief Nicholas Bernice, a reservist assigned as the Assistant to the Boatswain Mate Rating Force Master Chief. The Commanding Officers (CO), Officer in Charge (OINC) from Air Station Atlantic City, Stations Manasquan, Cape May, Indian River and Philadelphia were also in attendance. Through the use of SFO Atlantic City's teleconference capability participants at the SFO were able to link up with Sector North Carolina. SFO Fort Macon hosted a nine-person SERA workshop and these two 5th District units joined together to share guest speakers and enhance the effectiveness of both events. It's been a challenging year for the Coast Guard Reserve program and open dialogue was successful in fortifying the relationship between SERAs, Sectors, CGHQ Program Offices, Reserve Program leadership and the senior enlisted Gold and Silver Badge network. Numerous topics discussed during the eight hours included: an overview of the Reserve Program; the Reserve Appropriation (budget); Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS); Training; Retired pay, Survivor Benefit Plan; and current advancement challenges. Capt. Barton kicked off the morning with a discussion about budget and training challenges. He also addressed the overall Reserve Force Readiness System and focused on the future. "There is a tremendous amount of [increased] support at CG Headquarters by the most senior leaders who desire a more robust Coast Guard Reserve Program [to include] increased funding and increased numbers. However, [in the near term] we are still in a real budget struggle." Looking to the future, Capt. Barton stated that the Office of Reserve Affairs (CG-131) recognizes the challenges it faces and is working diligently to address them. During the discussion of training concerns about Inactive- Duty Training (IDT) and Active Duty for Training (ADT), the considerable distances many members travel to reach their training sites was addressed. To help alleviate this issue CG-131 is working with Reserve Personnel Management (RPM) to align members with billets which may be closer to a member's home Senior Enlisted Leadership including members of the Silver and Gold Badge network Commanding o fficers, and o fficers i n Charge from Air Station Atlantic City, Stations Manasquan, Cape May, i ndian River and Philadelphia gather together at Sector Field o ffice Atlantic City for the 2017 Sector d elaware Bay Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisors (SERA) Workshop Saturday, February 11, 2017. First Row (L-R): Cmdr. o rlando Munoz, Cmdr. Kristen R. Trego (CG-MER-3), Capt. Michael Arnold (SR o Atlantic City), MEC Peter d . LaMarch (STA Cape May SERA) and FSCM Michael Rowan (Sector d elaware Bay RCMC) Second Row: CGRF-MC Eric Johnson, MECM d ouglas Gilmer (Sector Maryland NCR), BMC Matthew E. Cole (STA Philadelphia, SERA), Andrew d . Stauffer (Sector d elaware Bay, RFRS), BMCS Nicholas A Bernice (CG-731), BMC Matthew A. Moore (STA i ndian River) Back Row: MKC Anthony Fazio (STA Atlantic City),), CGSA Stephen C. Caputo, RCMC William J. Princiotta (5th d istrict), BMCS James C. Mendicino (STA i ndian River, SERA), MKC Anthony Fazio (STA Atlantic City), MKCS Brian K. Miley (STA Manasquan i nlet, SERA), Lt. Luke B. Maleski, (Reserve Force Readiness, Sector d elaware Bay), CGSA James E. Karschner and MSTCS Allen Garneau (SF o Atlantic City) Sector North Carolina and Sector Delaware Bay Hold SERA Workshop 12 RESERVIST � Issue 2 • 2017

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