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ALCOAST Applies to Authorized Duty for Pay Scheduling Deadline in Direct Access Limitations Exceptions 396/16 ADT-AT • 12 days* • 15 days* (PSU, CORIVRONs only) * exclusive of travel 30 JUN 17 • SEP 2017 "all stop" • No ADT-AT in SEP without a waiver • No ADT-OTD authorized for FY17 • C-school orders > 12 days require a waiver • No ADT-AT if you've performed 30+ days of active duty (any kind) without a waiver • No ADT-AT for members who are retiring, separating or leaving SELRES status • Non-consecutive ADT-AT w/travel requires a waiver • IADT to support recruit training (Boot Camp, DEPOT, "A" school) may be performed throughout FY17 397/16 IDT • 48 paid IDT drills (all SELRES) • 1 paid RMP** ** unless authorized by PSC-RPM for NOE 30 JUN 17 • SEP 2017 "all stop" (except for PSUs & CORIVRONs) • No IDT waivers at this time • Can't "make up" IDT drills missed while on active duty for 30+ days • ATPs will be authorized ONLY for PSUs, CORIVRONs via separate ALCOAST message later in FY17 • Batching of IDT drills authorized by command & District (dxr) subject to availability of IDT berthing funds What You Should Know About the Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) Reserve Training Appropriation As Rear Adm. Hinrichs, Director of Reserve & Military Personnel Policy, conveyed in the last issue of the RESERVIST (Vol. LXIII, Issue 4, 2016), FY16 proved to be an extremely challenging year for the Reserve Training (RT) appropriation. Indeed, for the past two fiscal years (FY15 & FY16), the RT appropriation would have overspent without relief measures that provided additional funding. The potential overspend in FY16 dictated the "all stop" order in mid- September: a drastic, but necessary measure to avoid a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act. In late September 2016, the Deputy Commander for Mission Support (DCMS) chartered a Reserve Funds Working Group to determine the primary causative factors of the FY15 and FY16 overspending. The Working Group's report was delivered to DCMS and its conclusions and recommendations will be released soon. Over and above the findings of the Working Group, several years of budget cuts have reduced the RT appropriation by almost 20% from $134.2 million in FY12 to $110.6 million in FY16. Although our FY17 budget request is $112.3 million, we have been operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR) since the beginning of the fiscal year on 1 Oct 2016. The CR, which was recently extended through 28 Apr 2017, limits our funding to $109.5 million, slightly below the FY16 level. Until a budget is passed by Congress and approved by the President, we will continue to operate with less FY17 funding than anticipated. Why is this important to you? As we continue to operate in a fiscally constrained environment, each Selected Reservist (SELRES) must know, understand and follow the requirements related to Active Duty for Training – Annual Training (ADT-AT) and Inactive Duty Training (IDT) outlined in ALCOAST 396/16 (FY17 Reserve Active Duty for Training Scheduling Requirements) and ALCOAST 397/16 (FY17 Reserve Drill Scheduling Requirements). These messages reinforce existing policy in the Reserve Policy Manual (COMDTINST M1001.28C) and provide program rules designed to maximize the benefit of our training funds to the entire SELRES workforce. Key elements of these policies are provided in the table below. While early monitoring of IDT and ADT-AT usage shows that most SELRES members are complying with IDT and ADT-AT policies, some are not. One area of concern includes scheduling and completing unauthorized ATPs (none have been authorized for FY17). Scheduling of ATPs may be occurring in error within Direct Access. When scheduling drills, "ATP – Single" and "ATP – Multiple" are the first two drill types that appear in the drop down menu. SELRES members, supervisors and SPO personnel must be vigilant when scheduling and approving IDT drills to ensure the correct drill type is recorded. CG-1312 will continue to monitor FY17 IDT and ADT-AT usage and work with Areas, Districts and commands to correct discrepancies and areas of non-compliance. As a SELRES member, it's important that you stay informed of issues that impact you and know who to reach out to when you have questions. I encourage you to contact your supervisor or a member of your local Reserve Force Readiness System staff, which includes your Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisor, CMC and Senior Reserve Officer. Commands can also reach out to their servicing Area and District (dxr) staffs for additional clarification and guidance. We realize these are tough budget times and we are working diligently to document the Reserve Program's needs to support future year budget increases. In the interim, I am relying on each of you to be resolute fiscal guardians by following the FY17 guidance and I thank you in advance for doing your part to keep us on track. CG-1312 remains committed to supporting our SELRES workforce to remain Semper Paratus! — Submitted by Cmdr. Christa O. Heffelfinger, Chief, Reserve Programs Division (CG-1312) Issue 1 • 2017 � RESERVIST 41

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