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ATTEnTIOn all Reserve Retirees: As you may know Rear Adm. John Acton (ret.) and I are your co-chairs for the Commandant of the Coast Guard National Retiree Council. Over the last several months, with the blessing of the Commandant and the assistance of our Retiree Services Program Manager Mr. Bob Hinds, we have been working with FEMA on an opportunity that I hope many of you will be interested in. It is called the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative. ( employees/us-coast-guard-retiree-fema-reservist-initiative) Throughout my CG career I took pride in the fact that the organization that I was a part of was a humanitarian service. Saving lives and helping others initially attracted me to the CG and it is largely why I stayed with our organization for 32 years. Now I am retired and I am still interested in service to my fellow citizens and with that in mind I believe that most of you are also. We have worked with FEMA to create a unique and exciting opportunity for retirees called the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative. If you are fully or even semi-retired and you have a flexible schedule this part-time opportunity may be for you. FEMA's Reservists are the backbone of FEMA's disaster workforce. Under the new program if you apply and are accepted you can become a part-time FEMA employee and continue to serve the nation by assisting citizens and first responders during disasters or emergency situations. In addition, during deployments, your travel expenses will be covered and you will be paid as a FEMA employee. As a retired Coast Guard member you have special skills and experiences. Many of those special skills and experiences correlate closely with the skills needed to be a FEMA Reservist. Again, FEMA Reservists work on a part-time basis and are called up during a disaster to augment staffing requirements in support of disaster operations. Within this issue of Reservist you will find additional information about this program. In addition FEMA has modified their website to include a section dedicated to the recruitment of Coast Guard Retirees for this exciting program. If you still have questions after you have looked through the information please feel free to contact me. My email address is I believe that this will be a great opportunity for retirees to continue to serve… but on a flexible, part time basis. MCPOCG Skip Bowen (ret.) Why Join? As a part of FEMA's disaster workforce, Reservists serve the nation by assisting citizens and first responders during disasters or emergency situations. As a Reservist you will have the opportunity to train, gain experience, and become qualified in a specific disaster role. Being a Reservist allows you to assist in the coordinated response and recovery efforts of impacted citizens, communities, local, tribal, territorial, and state governments. How to apply To apply, simply visit and search for "Reservist Program." From there, select U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative and you will be guided to information on the program, program requirements and position descriptions. Interested participants can then select a cadre which matches their skills and experience. Once a cadre is selected, participants will have the opportunity to express their interest in joining the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative as a potential member of the selected cadre and submit their resume. Then a cadre representative will contact potential members with additional information and explain the next steps in the selection process. To learn more about the Reservist- Coast Guard Initiative, visit employees/us-coast-guard-retiree- fema-reservist-initiative. Or contact: FEMA Call Center: Phone: 855-377-FEMA (3362) Email: FEMA-IWMO-Program@ Incident Workforce Management Division Front Office: Email: IWMDFrontOffice@Fema. Issue 1 • 2015 � RESERVIST 41

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