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Retiree SITREP U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative Purpose The purpose of the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative is to strengthen our Nation's capability to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters by increasing the depth, reliability, and skill set of FEMA's incident workforce. Reservists are the backbone of FEMA's incident workforce and in most cases are the "face" of FEMA to disaster survivors and first responders. By leveraging the professionalism, education, training, and commitment to service found in the U. S. Coast Guard's retired population, FEMA will enhance its corps of intermittent employees who serve on the ground during disasters, and continue to meet one of FEMA's fundamental goals—helping our Nation's people and first-responders, especially when they are most in need. Reservist Program Background The Reservist Program was established October 1, 2012, to build and sustain a robust, well-trained, deployable, and available corps of employees to support the needs of disaster survivors and their communities. Reservists are temporary intermittent employees who are hired into one of 21 incident workforce cadres to perform a specific job/function within that cadre. Opportunity FEMA and the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree Council collaborated to create an exciting opportunity for personnel with 20+ years of dedicated service who have retired from the United States Coast Guard. It's the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative. Through this program, Coast Guard men and women are able to continue to honorably serve their country using their hard- earned experience, skills and professionalism to support survivors and first responders during all-hazard incidents. This unique opportunity will allow qualified Coast Guard members to marry their expertise with a position within one of 21 Incident Workforce Cadres. As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative, participants will be called upon to augment staffing requirements in support of disaster operations. Active members will be required to · Maintain 305 days of availability per calendar year. · Receive and maintain mission appropriate equipment as required. · Receive required training within their FEMA Qualification System designated position. · Deploy within 24 hours of notification. · Potentially work in excess of eight hours a day or in excess of 40 hours in a given week. FEMA InCIDEnT WORKFORCE CADRES · Acquisitions (ACQ) · Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) · Disaster Emergency Communications (DEC) · Disaster Field Training Operations (DFTO) · Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) · Disability Integration (DI) · Environmental/Historic Preservation (EHP) · Equal Rights (ER) · External Affairs (EA) · Financial Management (FM) · Human Resources (HR) · Individual Assistance (IA) · Information Technology (IT) · Logistics (LOG) · Hazard Mitigation (HM) · National Disaster Recovery Support (NDRS) · Operations (OPS) · Planning (PL) · Public Assistance (PA) · Safety (SF) · Security (SEC) 40 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2015

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