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An admiral at the deck-plate Story and Photo by Army Sgt. Adrian Borunda, JTF-GTMO PAO Rear Adm. James M. Heinz, U.S. Coast Guard acting director for Reserve and Military Personnel, visited with Coast Guardsmen of Port Security Unit (PSU) 312 Tuesday, as part of his visit to U. S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. Heinz, an engineer by trade, visited with Coast Guardsmen whose job is to maintain the PSU vessels and also took a familiarization patrol of the bay. One focus of his visit was to see the way the PSU works with Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay and the naval station Service members. "I'm very impressed by not only the partnerships the Coast Guard has maintained with the other services, but how they continue to build and come together," Heinz said. "I have heard nothing but positive things about our Coast Guardsmen here and it's safe to say that my expectations were exceeded." Heinz said he was proud of PSU 312 and their service and looks forward to the unit returning to their home station in San Francisco, Calif. "I want to say thank you to all the Coast Guardsmen. I appreciate your sacrifice that comes with this important job we have here Coast Guardsmen are an integral part of making Guantanamo Bay successful," Heinz said during a meeting with unit members. For Master Chief Petty Officer Sean Fey, PSU 312 Waterside Security Chief, Heinz's visit provided his Coast Guardsmen and him an opportunity to come face to face with senior leadership. "It allows everyone down to the deck plate level to be able to meet him and communicate how things are going here," Fey said. "For me personally, it's great to see a leader like the admiral and to meet who is actually fighting for us and supporting our mission here. � Rear Adm. Heinz underway with members of PSU 312 during his visit to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Reserve Force Master Chief eric Johnson addresses the crew at an all-hands at Base Miami Beach, Oct. 18. That dovetails with the importance of attaining qualifications, maintaining optimal readiness levels and maintaining 100 percent attendance at drills. Johnson also emphasized the importance of seizing leadership opportunities. As the senior enlisted leader of the Reserve force, Johnson is accountable for assisting with policy affecting the enlisted member of the Reserve. He addresses quality of life issues and reports directly to Rear Adm. Heinz. "From about the time that I had become a chief petty officer, I wanted to have this job," said Johnson. "Anyone who was around me knew I wanted to have this job, so for the last 20 years, I knew what my goal was." It's worth noting that Heinz serves as the advisor to the Commandant on Reserve Affairs. Additionally, he is responsible for personnel and operations within the Reserve Component. "It wasn't something that I had envisioned doing, but I'll tell you that I couldn't be more excited to be in the job," he said. "The exposure that we have given the Reserve program has been extremely inspiring to me, and we want to continue to build on that and continue to build on the enthusiasm that we saw in this visit as well." In the future, the two leaders plan to visit other districts to observe their operational approaches and to learn how they maximize the efficiency and readiness of their Reserve personnel. Yet it's clear their recent trip to the 7th District provided valuable food for thought, especially as they navigate the planning process for both the budget and training. �

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