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Reservist unveils Coast Guard statue at Washington's National Harbor Lt. Steve Graff, a member of the Headquarters Ofce of Reserve Affairs staff, was part of the ceremony Nov. 11, 2018, to unveil the American Armed Forces' statues at Washington's National Harbor. Graff read a history of the Coast Guard to the assembled crowd before unveiling the Coast Guardsman. The lifelike statues, which honor each of the ve military branches, face the Potomac River on a stretch of road called American Way. Submitted by Cmdr. Christa Heffelnger Sammy the Sea Otter visits a Florida school for Career Day Petty Ofcer 1st Class Graeme Christie and Petty Ofcer 3rd Class Blake Donahue, reserve members of the Seventh District, visited Silver Lakes Elementary School in Miramar, Fla., in February. The duo gave career day presentations to more than 100 elementary school students on the mission of saving lives. "We stressed the importance of always wearing a life jacket while boating, using the buddy system when swimming and what channel on a marine radio to hail the Coast Guard on," said Christie. Christie brought his SAR gear for the kids to try on, and Donahue was dressed in the Sammy the Sea Otter outt. Enduring a lack of ventilation, he gave out high ves, hugs and st bumps. The pair was well received by the children, who ranged from 5 to 9 years old. Submitted by Lt. Cmdr. Tuan Luong Sector San Juan reservists host all hands, give tour Sector San Juan Reserve Command continued forward after the devastation of Hurricanes Maria and Irma. First, District 7 Reserve support staff (DXR) visited the command during the last two annual all-hands gatherings, providing essential training on the newly established IDT berthing procedures and the new PHA process. The DXR recognized a few members for advancement and awards recognition. To top it off, all Sector reservists participated in the recent Sector San Juan non-rate career day (pictured), organized by Sector San Juan leadership council, providing an insight on all Reserve program options. Last but not least, Station San Juan's reservists provided an inside look at the Coast Guard missions and operations to visitors from a local girls' school. Submitted by Senior Chief Petty Ofcer Ismael Torres, Sector San Juan 58 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2019

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