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PSU 305's Busy Drill Weekend +PQMN 8M\\a 7ЅKMZ 2W[MXP ,¼)UQKW Q[ XQVVML _Q\P VM_ IVKPWZ[ by his family at his advancement ceremony at a recent PSU 305 drill weekend. D'Amico was just one of several recent ceremonies. +WVOZI\]TI\QWV[\W4\+ULZ2MVV?WVŎ:MQ[[4\RO4]SM+PIZM\\M 5I[\MZ +PQMN 8M\\a 7ЅKMZ -ZQK -VOTM[ 8M\\a 7ЅKMZ[ [\ +TI[[ 5QKPIMT 8WZ^IbVQS +I\PMZQVM 5Q\KPMTT 5IZS /QTT ,IVQMT ?PQ\Ja and Maurice Alston. 8PW\WKW]Z\M[aWN2MVV?WVŎ:MQ[[ Taking the Plunge 8M\\a7ЅKMZVL+TI[[8IUMTI58WTWVKbaSIUMUJMZWN\PM;XMKQIT 5Q[[QWV

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