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From the Ofce of Boat Forces Submitted by Mr. Donald P. Hartmayer, Program Analyst, CG-731 Reserve RBS Boat Crew Member Course 2/5 - 2/16/2018 ME3 Dustin Hamilton Station Marblehead YN1 Angela Vinson Station Mayport YN2 Robin Rodenbaugh Station Mayport 7/23 - 8/3/2018 ME3 Christopher Salyer Station Grand Haven ME3 Christian Harvey Station Little Creek BM2 Brandon Arciello Station New York RBS Coxswain Intro Course 4/8 - 4/19/2019 BM3 Brian Cooper Station Philadelphia BM3 Earl Powell Station Yaquina Bay 03/18 - 03/29/2019 BM3 Brittany Duvall Station Tybee BM3 Martin Vazquez Briones Station Vallejo 2/25 - 3/8/2019 BM3 Christopher Webber Station Pensacola 2/4 - 2/15/2019 BM3 Luis Calimano Station New York 8/6 - 8/17/2018 BM3 Bradley Hite Station Mayport BM3 Owen Rivera Betancourt Station Mayport BM2 Joshua Langan Station Panama City BM3 Trent Tice MSU Pittsburgh RBM Organizational Maintenance MK1 Vincent Bogan Station New York EM2 James Shea Sector SE New England RBM Operator 03/18 - 3/29/2019 BM3 Jeffrey Meagher Station Jones Beach Boarding Ofcer Practical Course 3/25 - 4/5/2019 MK3 Ryan Dallavia Station Buffalo ME2 jeremy Ownbey Station Fort Lauderdale ME1 Samuel Cintron Station Ft Myers Beach ME2 Darren Jensen Station Mayport ME1 Taylor Anderson Station Portsmouth BM1 Johan Ulloa Station St. Inigoes 1/7 - 1/18/2019 ME2 Daniel Ravenel Station Seattle ME2 Matthew McDowell Station Tybee 10/15 - 10/26/2018 ME1 Neil Leahy Station Charleston 9/24 - 10/5/2018 BM1 Andrew Arnold Station Marblehead BM1 Jeffrey Kobza Station Marblehead 6/18 - 6/29/2018 ME1 Timothy Schliff Station Buffalo ME1 Brent Hooper Station Seattle ME2 Justin Frantz Station Seattle ICS339 DIVS 9/12 - 9/13/2018 BMC Brady Vanderpool Sta. Cape Disappointment LTJG Matthew McCleary Station Seattle BMC William Proctor Station Yaquina Bay 8/22 - 8/23/2018 BMC Lawrence Clark Station Fort Pierce 8/1 - 8/2/2018 BMC Joshua Serow Station Alexandria Bay ME1 Troy Licata Station Belle isle MEC Kenneth Randazzo Station Belle isle ME1 Walter Griffin MSU Baton Rouge The Ofce of Boat Forces congratulates the graduates from the above courses, and recognizes the effort and leadership it takes to produce this number of certications. Keep up the great work, and stay "Ready, Relevant and Responsive." BZ to ALL!!

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