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ICS update from Sector LMR Twelve members from Sector Lower Mississippi River participated in an ICS incident action plan workshop on Nov. 18, facilitated by Lt. Cmdr. Lee Turner. Members from logistics, planning, and prevention focused on ICS 339, Division Group Supervisor. Almost 150 qualification tasks were signed off. � — Submitted by Lt. Bridget Tyrey, Sector Lower Mississippi River Coast Guard reservists deploy to support FEMA recovery efforts in Saipan In December, six members of the Pacific Area Reserve Incident Management Assist Team deployed to the island of Saipan, a U.S. commonwealth located in the Northern Mariana Islands between the Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean. PACAREA R-IMAT (supported by a member of the LANTAREA IMAT and another from Sector Humboldt Bay, Calif.) quickly mobilized a team in response to FEMA's request for forces for an all-hazard IMAT in support of Super Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts. Saipan had been devastated by a Category 5 super typhoon with 180 mph winds, which left the island lacking critical resources and caused severe damage to numerous residential areas across the central and southern portions of the island. Upon arrival, the Coast Guard team relieved the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management's IMAT and quickly established their own Incident Command Post in support of the Temporary Emergency Tent and Roofing Installation Support (TETRIS) program. The mission from FEMA was straightforward: inventory, track and distribute humanitarian relief supplies located at the Fire Station 4 distribution center. By day two, the Coast Guard team had streamlined the distribution process, making it more efficient and reducing the eight-person workforce requirement to a two- person team. This allowed the Coast Guard members to take on additional responsibility and tasking from FEMA beyond their primary mission assignment. Team members worked with several other agencies including FEMA, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Island (CNMI) agencies. In this role, the team created a debris assessment and clearance plan for the hardest hit residential areas. The Coast Guard team conducted visual surveys of over 2,275 residential lots, some containing multiple residential dwellings, to determine the level of debris present and equipment needs for clearance. These were used by CNMI to prioritize and track debris clearance operations allowing incoming teams to commence permanent repairs and rebuilding destroyed homes. Coast Guard members provided emergency shelter for over 1,000 residents, distributed over 250,000 pounds of humanitarian relief supplies, developed a detailed typhoon debris assessment and clearance process, and conducted internal training, resulting in seven Incident Command System certifications and completion of over 270 performance qualification (PQS) tasks. "This was the first time the unit was ever deployed OCONUS as a complete team, with a highly complex tasking involving work with FEMA, the mayor and governor of Saipan, the Air Force and the Army Corps of Engineers. I am extremely proud of our members who accomplished the mission with 100 percent positive feedback and did it during the holidays, "said Cmdr. Dominik Schmidt, senior reserve officer for PACAREA R-IMAT. Time will tell if this could act as a foundation for expanding futures roles and further demonstrating the capacity of the Coast Guard Reserve. � — Story and photos submitted by Lt. Paul Jansen Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management personnel and Coast Guard personnel were deployed to support the TETRIS program as part of the response to Typhoon Yuru in December. Coast Guard members from left to right: Lt. Patrick Kerscher, Lt. Jimmy Robnett, Cmdr. Dominik Schmidt, Lt Elisha Cook, Chief Warrant Of†cer Jessie Kenyon, Lt Paul Jansen, Lt. Cmdr Chris Rue, and Lt. Cmdr Michael Starnes. Issue 1 • 2019 � RESERVIST 43

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