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Reservists partner with Marine Corps, secure temporary shelter for Coast Guard asset Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina Sept. 14, 2018, with 100 mph winds. The storm moved slowly, compromising structural integrity of many buildings, dumping 30 to 40 inches of rain and causing devastating flooding throughout the area. Coast Guard Station Fort Macon sustained wind damage to its roof and, consequently, water damage to the interior of the building, raising health concerns and rendering the building off limits to personnel. The Coast Guard's Enhanced Mobile Incident Command Post, the eMICP, was deployed to Sector North Carolina at Fort Macon in response to Hurricane Florence. Parked on the Sector's cutter pier, the eMICP provided sheltered workspace for Station Fort Macon and other local unit personnel. Equipped with phones, laptop computers, and backhaul equipment, the 53-foot trailer provided voice and data connectivity, as well as command and control capability, allowing Station Fort Macon to continue daily operations. Meanwhile, Hurricane Michael approached the Carolinas after devastating coastal communities of Florida as a Category 4 storm Oct. 10. The threat of Michael sustaining potentially damaging winds as it barreled north prompted COMMCOM's decision to move the eMICP to a safe location to prevent it from sustaining any potential storm damage. The initial plan was to move the eMICP 180 miles, back to home base in Chesapeake, Va. The eMICP would then return to Fort Macon after the storm passed. Chief Petty Officer Christopher Hazel, deployed to Fort Macon on Title 14 orders, recommended contacting the Marine Corps at nearby Air Station Cherry Point to seek a safe haven to shelter the eMICP from the storm. Cherry Point lies 23 miles from Fort Macon near Havelock, N.C. Hazel and Master Chief Petty Officer Edward Zapf, also on Title 14, met with Maj. Byers and Master Sgt. Pulido at MCAS Cherry Point, and obtained permission to secure the eMICP in a hangar on the Marine Corps base to protect it from the effects of Hurricane Michael. This same hangar had recently proved its capabilities, protecting Marine Corps assets through the destructive winds of Hurricane Florence. On Oct. 10, the eMICP crew secured the vital asset for transport and moved it into the Marine Corps hangar where it was sheltered from the storm alongside several Marine Corps AV-8 Harrier aircraft. The hangar, capable of withstanding 105 mph sustained winds, provided a safe and secure location with security cameras and security patrols every two hours, around the clock, on the guarded flight line of the air station. Hurricane Michael was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it made its way through the Carolinas on Oct. 11. Wind gusts reached 70 mph in the Fort Macon area before the storm moved offshore. The crew returned the eMICP to Fort Macon on the morning of Friday, October 12. Within a few short hours, the eMICP was redeployed, returning Station Fort Macon to fully operational status. Securing the eMICP in the local safe haven saved the time, effort, and cost that would have been associated with transporting it 180 miles away. The assistance of the Marines proved invaluable to the Coast Guard, expediting readiness of the eMICP. As a result of their assistance, the eMICP was back online immediately after the storm, servicing the Fort Macon personnel in a fraction of the time initially anticipated. � — Story and photos by Master Chief Petty Officer Edward Zapf, ESD Baltimore RESERVIST MAGAZINE ICS UPDATE The The Coast Guard's Enhanced Mobile Incident Command Post rests safely alongside a Marine Corps AV-8 Harrier aircraft in a secure hangar. Photo courtesy of Chief Petty Of•cer Christopher Hazel. 42 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2019

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