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Incorrect MSM depicted in Awards Section Greetings. I'm sure you have already received some comments. The medal image/graphic depicted in the subject issue/section of the latest Reservist magazine is not the Meritorious Service Medal but rather; the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. Granted, it is possible both retiring captains received this medal instead of the MSM. Nevertheless, the image is not accurate based on the text. The Reservist continues to produce an extremely professional magazine, which provides great stories about USCGR personnel, their accomplishments and their families; and you continue to provide invaluable information to the commissioned and enlisted citizen-sailor workforce. BZ! Keep up the great work! Respectfully yours, Master Chief Petty Officer Frank Jennings, Jr. USCGR, ret. Thanks for the catch, Master Chief. You were indeed not the only person to catch our error on the DMSM (thank you to Cmdr John P. Roos, USCG ret., as well!). I've heard your name in the PA community for years—I joined the Reserve PA corps just as you left it. Thank you for your compliments and your service as the former D9 CMC! Dear Reservist, I have a word of advice to our Reserve members, CHECK YOUR RECORDS! I retired in 2013 and recently had occasion to request copies of my DD- 214s. I should have had five, but there were only three. One of them, a Title 10 Gulf deployment was incorrectly listed as ADOS. A seven-month ADOS period and a 90-day Title 14 period did not appear in my records. If you serve on active duty for 90 days or more, or serve for any length of time for a Title 10 or 14 contingency, you should have a DD-214. Master Chief Petty Officer Pete Vickerman USCGR, ret. Excellent advice, Master Chief. This might require a little extra time or a few emails to make sure it's documented, but worth it in the long run. I know the DD214 is discussed at TAPS classes, but it's ALWAYS worth repeating! Meritorious Service Medal Defense Meritorious Service Medal Spend your summer on the Great Lakes. Join Operation Summerstock. 6LQFH UHVHUYLVWV KDYH FRQYHUJHG RQ VPDOO ERDW VWDWLRQV ORFDWHG LQ WRZQV DQG YLOODJHV RQ WKH *UHDW /DNHV WR ƓOO YDULRXV ELOOHWV WR HQVXUHPDULWLPHVDIHW\DQGVHFXULW\RQWKH/DNHV,I\RXFDQSHUIRUPVKRUWWHUP$'26IURP-XQHWR$XJXVW'LVWULFW1LQHLVORRNLQJ IRUHQOLVWHGUHVHUYLVWVWRƓOOERDWFUHZSRVLWLRQVDWYDULRXVVWDWLRQVWKURXJKRXWWKH*UHDW/DNHV7RYROXQWHHURUIRUPRUHGHWDLOVFDOO&'5 6FRWW7RYHVRU/7(ULN2OPVWHDG

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