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Ultimately, the RG-IPT evaluated nine potential courses of action and evaluated their potential impacts and effectiveness, leading to the final structure approved by the Vice Commandant. The key components of the new organization include the Director of Reserve who will be supported by two offices, each with two divisions. Director of the Reserve/ Assistant Commandant for Reserve (CG-R) At the top is the Director of Reserve, a flag officer at Coast Guard Headquarters, who, as defined in Title 14 of United States Code, serves "as the principal advisor to the Commandant on Coast Guard Reserve matters." However, this same law doesn't limit the number (or scope) of other responsibilities the Commandant may assign the same position. In the past, other responsibilities have dominated the director's time and attention, leaving little time for focusing on the Reserve. Since 1995, the director has also held the titles of Office of Readiness and Reserve, Director of Reserve and Training, Director of Reserve and Leadership and, most recently, Director of Reserve and Military Personnel. The level of attention necessary to address enormous Coast Guard-wide issues such as the management of the training system or military personnel issues in general often overshadowed the original purpose of the position. The competition for much-needed executive attention on Reserve concerns is not a reflection of the desires of previous flag officers; all prior Directors of Reserve had the best of intentions. They simply ran into the reality that there are only 24 hours in the day. Establishment of the Assistant Commandant for Reserve will allow future Directors to fully immerse themselves in the issues impacting the Reserve without distraction. Not only does this better match the intent of the law that created the position in the first place, it also aligns them better with their peers in the Department of Defense who are responsible for all aspects of readiness within their respective Reserve Components. COMDT DCMS MISSION SUPPORT CG-1 HUMAN RESOURCES CG-13 RESERVE AND MILITARY PERSONNEL CG-133 MILITARY PERSONNEL KEY: CG RESERVE CGHQ ORGANIZATION PARENT COMMANDS/ ROUTING HIERARCHY DETACHED DUTY POSITIONS CG-131 RESERVE AFFAIRS CG-1311 RESERVE POLICY CG-1312 RESERVE RESOURCES CG-1313 RESERVE COMMUNICATION CG-YRP YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM DOD OSD/RA MCPO-CGR COMMANDANT The previous governance structure of the Director of Reserve and Military Personnel Policy, under the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources which is under the Deputy Commandant for Mission Support. 28 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2019

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