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Coast Guard EPLOs are here to help Submitted by Lt. Cmdr. Elaine Blacharski and Lt. Cmdr. Robert Le Monde Dzǯ ǡǯ Ǥdz ǡ ǡ ǡǡ Ǥ ǡ ± Ǥ ȋȌ ǡ ǡ ǡ ǡ Ǧ Ǥ ǯ ǡ ǡ Ǥ ʹ ǡ ǤǤ ǡ Ǥ Dzǯǯ ǡǯǡdz Ǥ ǡ Ǥ Dz Ǥdz • ǡ ǡ Ǥ ǡ Ǣ Ǥ Ǥ ǡǢ ǡ Ǥ Ǥ ǡ Ǣ Ǥ ǡ Ǥǡ ǯǤ Ǧ ǡ ǡ Ǥ ǡ Ǥ ǡ € ǡ Ǥ ǡ ǯ Ǥ Ǧ ǡ Ǥ Ǥ ǡ ǡ ǡ ǡ Ǥ Dz ǡ ǡdz ǤDzǤ ǡ Ǥdz ǡ Ǥ ǡ ǡ Ǥ Dz ǡ Ǥǯ ǡdz Ǥ ǡ ǤǤDzǡ Ǥdz Dz ǡ ǡdz ǡ ǡ ǡ ʹ‚ Ǥ Dz ǡ ǡǤ Ǧ Coast Guard Marine Safety Team Supervisor Lt. John Botti meets with Hawaii Department of Transportation Kahului Harbor District Manager Duane Kim at the Maui Emergency Operations Center in Wailuku, Hawaii. Personnel representing state, local, and federal agencies staff the Emergency Operations Center and work to coordinate preparedness and response efforts. Photo by Petty Of‚cer 1st Class Patrick Kelley 22 RESERVIST ƒIssue 1 • 2019

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