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Reservists "come to the rescue" for civil engineering program Story and photos submitted by Cmdr. Tom Kalisz Last year, the Coast Guard Civil Engineering Program received an unprecedented $718.9 million in supplemental funding via the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 to support the repair and rebuild of shore infrastructure as a result of the 2017 hurricane season. The storms affected many Coast Guard units throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, but Puerto Rico really felt the devastation and experienced the most shore facility damage. Out of the $718.9 million supplemental, approximately 45 percent was earmarked specifically for repair and rebuild efforts in Puerto Rico, including Sector San Juan, Rio Bayamon Housing, Air Station Borinquen, Air Station Borinquen Housing, and Resident Inspection Office Ponce. Executing a congressional appropriation of this size by the end of fiscal year 2022 was a noteworthy challenge for the CGCE Program, which typically executes $250 to 300 million in projects annually. The supplemental would require a level of personnel resources far above the program's normal staffing limits. The immediate staffing solution was to recall Coast Guard reservists. To date, 28 reservists have been recalled, filling a number of critical roles, from program management to technical specialist ("boots-on-the-ground") positions. Along with their civil engineering skills, the members brought sound leadership and needed expertise, becoming true force multipliers for the CGCE Program. Sector San Juan and Rio Bayamon Housing hurricane damage mandated recalling a reserve lieutenant commander to lead the management of all repair projects executed by Civil Engineering Unit Miami. Lt. Corey Linen, an engineering officer and member of Port Security Unit 308, was chosen to take the job in San Juan, acting as the contracting officer representative for much of the repair work. Linen was an engineer in New Orleans for General Services Administration. Putting a reserve officer onsite is essential to ensuring projects remain on schedule and within budget. As lead project manager, they ensure a tight integration of all civil engineering work elements across the San Juan area to provide quality shore solutions on schedule and within budget to meet established project completion dates. Projects include roof repair to eight major buildings at the Sector, repair of the fuel farm that services the cutters that tie up at the Sector, replacing the backflow preventers to ensure safe drinking water, completing electrical upgrades to housing, Similarly, the hurricane damage to Air Station Borinquen and its nearby housing mandated recalling a reserve commander to lead the management of all repair projects. Cmdr. Theresa Fasceski, a reserve engineering officer, came to Borinquen from the Coast Guard's Facilities Design and Construction Center in Norfolk, Va. As lead project manager, she ensures a tight integration of all civil engineering work elements across the Borinquen area to provide quality shore solutions on schedule and within budget to meet established project completion dates. Fasceski is working with members of the Reserve Repair Team to return the child development center and the medical facility to operational status after being damaged beyond repair. After mobilization, the team quickly renovated the CDC and built out two existing buildings to meet the rigid requirements of a medical facility, improving quality of life for the residents. To facilitate solutions, the Coast Guard units in Puerto Rico needed a dedicated team to complete small but critical repair projects in advance of the upcoming 2019 hurricane season. Using the annual screening questionnaire reservists fill out with their recall status and civilian job skillsets, hurricane reconstitution program managers developed rosters of reservists with a variety of technical backgrounds outside their rating. Many reservists had backgrounds in electrical, carpentry, masonry and HVAC fields, and several were construction project managers, superintendents and foremen. Adm. Charles Ray, Vice Commandant, inspects rebuilding efforts at Air Station Bourinquen Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the 2017 hurricane season. Coast Guard reservists assisted in all facets of rebuilding the damage to various Coast Guard sites throughout Puerto Rico. 20 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2019

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