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Leaders, past and present, speak at women's leadership event Story and photos submitted by Linda Robinson, Sector Upper Mississippi River The local joint Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council, which encompasses Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River, Centralized Service Desk and Base New Orleans St. Louis Detachment, presented the 2019 Women's Leadership Event March 28. The event included two guest speakers and a very diverse five-member panel. Representing military service from the 1960s to present, as well as four of the five armed services, they really only had two things in common: all were women who represented inspiration through excellence. There were more than 100 Coast Guard members (active, reserve and civilians) in attendance who listened to experiences of leaders from the past and present. Capt. Tiffany Danko, the senior reserve officer for Eighth District, kicked off the event with a speech on service. With a background of more than 20 years in the Coast Guard, Danko was amply prepared to provide insight on how the service has changed in the past two decades, as well as the road to future success. Capt. Tiffany Danko gives her speech on service at the 2019 Women's Leadership Event at Sector Upper Mississippi River, presented by the local joint Leadership and Diversity Council. A boatcrew of reservists from Station Duluth conducts a safety check on a local recreational boater. Washington on the south end of Isle Royale. The spot is popular among divers during the summer. The wreckage can be viewed two feet below the surface but descends 85 feet down, and many of the ship's spaces are easily reached, including crew quarters and other cabins. Over the summer weeks, the reserve crews live at the station, which had extensive work completed on the facility, including repairs and renovations to the living quarters and a number of landscaping projects. During my visit to the station, a former member of Station North Superior who served in the 1950s dropped by the facility and commented that the station never looked better! The crews are able to complete all of their recertification requirements while also acquiring all of their daytime and nighttime underway hours. In anticipation of fulfilling this summer mission, reservists spend their winter drills at Station Duluth gaining and maintaining both boat crew and boarding team qualifications. When the Station transitioned to the 29- foot RBS II in 2017, reservists spent drill weekends during the winter months learning the new platform and got underway prior to the start of the summer season to ensure readiness. Another reservist is qualified as a law enforcement instructor and recently certified six reservists as firearms marksmanship coaches. Having this kind of surge capability is a vital force multiplier, which greatly enhances the Coast Guard's ability to provide a superior level of coverage to Station Duluth's AOR. Issue 1 • 2019 � RESERVIST 19

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