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Extras Standard Handbag A handbag of plain black, navy or white (with white uniforms) leather or synthetic material, with or without plain fold-over flap, not more than 12" wide, 8" high, and 5" deep. It may have a detachable shoulder strap and may be used with or without the strap. Wear with Full Dress Blue, Dinner Dress, SDB, Tropical Blue Long, Winter Dress and ODU. Dress Handbag A dress handbag (small clutch type black/white bag with collapsible handle) is authorized with the Formal Dress or Dinner Dress Jacket uniforms. Black Gloves Black gloves are made of plain leather or other suitable material with matching stitching. Wear with all uniforms. White Gloves White gloves are made of plain white cotton or synthetic material with matching stitching. Wear with dress uniforms, or when required for other ceremonial purposes. Suspenders (optional) Plain white suspenders without design or ornamentation are authorized with Formal Dress and Dinner Dress Jackets. Suspenders are not worn without the appropriate jacket or coat. Blousing Bands Elastic, Velcro, or spring bands can be used to blouse ODU trouser legs over safety boots. Blousing bands will be located between the second and third eyelets from the top of the boot. Blousing bands should not be visible. Bootlaces should not show or dangle but must be concealed under the blousing band or tucked into the boot. Umbrella Only black or navy umbrellas with expandable, straight handles are authorized. ey must be carried in the left hand. Can be used with all uniforms. Eyewear or Sunglasses: Personnel will not wear items that distract from military bearing. Sunglass frames must be conservative (plain black or navy; gold or silver wire) and mirrored lenses are prohibited. Sunglasses are not authorized in formation. Personnel will not wear lenses or frames that are so large or so small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform. Plain black/navy eyewear retainer straps are authorized to be worn with ODU/TB/WDB in a work environment. Eyewear will not be worn on top/back of the head/cover. e following items are required for all enlisted personnel: 1 Green Duffle Bag 4 ODU Blouses 4 ODU Trousers 4 ODU T-shirts 4 Sets of ODU Name/Service Tapes 1 Black Riggers Belt 3 Pair Boot Socks 2 Pair Blousing Band 1 Pair Safety Boots (Composite Toe) 1 Standard Ball Cap with Insignia 1 Foul Weather Parka 1 Fleece Liner 1 Blue Necktie/Tab Tie 1 Pair Black Leather Gloves 1 Black Bow tie/Tab Tie 1 Windbreaker 1 Trench Coat 1 SDB Coat 3 Long Sleeve Light Blue Shirts 3 Short Sleeve Light Blue Shirts (Women, Sub 1 Overblouse for 1 Shirt) 1 Long Sleeve White Dress Shirt (Women, Short Sleeve) 2 Pair Dress Trousers/Slacks, 2 Plastic Name Tags 1 Black Belt with Brass Buckle 1 Pair Dress Socks 1 Pair Dress Shoes 1 Garrison Cap with Insignia 1 Combination Cap with Insignia 2 Gym Shirts 2 Gym Shorts SEABAG CHECKLIST Uniform Issue • 2019 � RESERVIST 47

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