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40 RESERVIST � Uniform Issue • 2019 U.S. MILITARY UNIFORMS – TABLE OF EQUIVALENTS Coast Guard Navy Marine Corps Army Air Force When Worn Operational Dress (ODU) (Worn year round) Navy Working Uniform Utility Battle Dress Utility When working at a unit or when in environments where soiling of clothing is expected. May be worn commuting and brief stops for gas or drive-thru. This is not a liberty uniform. Tropical Blue Long (TB) (Worn year round) Summer Khaki/ Whites Service "C" Class "B" Army Green Service Uniform To compensate for climate variations as per prescribing authority and where coat and tie are not required or expected. Winter Dress Blue (Normally worn Nov– March, or as local prescribing authority dictates.) Winter Blue/ Aviation Working Green Service "B" Service Dress Blue (SDB) (Worn year round) Service Dress Blue Service "A" Class "A" Army Green Service Dress Business and informal social occasions as correct for local custom. Service Dress White (SDW) (Summer/Tropical) Service Dress White Army White Full Dress Blue (FDB) (Worn year round) Full Dress Blue Dress Blue "A" or "B" Class "A" Army Green/Blue Ceremonial Dress Blue Worn year-round for Change of Command ceremonies, parades, and reviews when special honors are being paid, such as official visits of and to U.S. and foreign officials. Full Dress White (Summer/Tropical) (Officers only) Full Dress White Dress White "A" or "B" Army White Ceremonial Dress White Dinner Dress Blue (Winter) Dinner Dress Blue Dress Blue "A" Army Blue (bow-tie) Ceremonial Dress Blue Same as Dinner/Mess Dress but less formal occasions requiring more formality than service uniforms. Dinner Dress White (Summer) (Officers only) Dinner Dress White Dress White "A" Army White (bow-tie) Ceremonial Dress White Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (Winter) Dinner Dress Blue Jacket Evening Dress Blue Mess Dress Blue Mess Dress Equivalent to black tie. Winter/summer evening formal functions, dinners, dinner dances or club affairs. Dinner Dress White Jacket (Summer) Dinner Dress White Jacket Mess Dress White Mess Dress Formal Dress Blue (Worn year round) Formal Dress Evening Dress Blue Mess or Evening Dress Blue Formal Dress Equivalent to white tie. Official formal evening functions after 6:00 p.m. such as state occasions and diplomatic service. O D E P A R T M E N T U F T H E A R M Y N I T E D S T A T E S O F A M E R I C A

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