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Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (men) Occasions for Wear Official winter evening black tie functions, such as formal dances/weddings, theater, opera, receptions, etc. Required for active duty O-4 and above, as well as MCPOCG, MCPO-CGR and gold badge CMCs. Optional otherwise. Head Gear Combination cap (only when wearing outerwear). Navy Dinner Dress Blue Jacket Dress Coat Buttons Substitute Coast Guard buttons for Navy buttons. Long Sleeve White Shirt Soft pleated long sleeve. Standard long sleeve optional. Shoulder Boards/ Collar Insignia None. Tie Black bow tie. Small Medals Centered 3" below left lapel notch. Miniature Qualification Insignia Center the insignia on the wearer's left lapel approximately ¼" above small medals. Miniature Devices Device is centered on the lapel, ¼" below bottom edge of small medals. Miniature Identification Badges Centered on the lapel, 3" below right lapel notch. White Gloves Worn at the prescribing officer's discretion. White Suspenders Optional. Gold Cummerbund Worn with pleats up. Blue Evening Trousers Black Socks Black Oxford Shoes 38 RESERVIST � Uniform Issue • 2019

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