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G reetings from the Uniform Program! So many things have transpired since the last edition of the uniform issue. For starters, there have been many recent leadership changes. We welcome Mr. Christopher Moulton, a retired chief warrant officer who is serving as the Uniform Distribution Center manager following three decades of service. Next, I would like to introduce Ms. Nancy Southwick, coming to the program by way of the Navy Research Facility and now serving as the chief textile technologist and supervisor for the Clothing Design Technical Office. Finally, I am Mr. Hayes Davis; I assumed responsibility of the Uniform Program in 2016 following more than 25 years of service to the Coast Guard as a commissioned officer. Together with the exceptional leadership and guidance provided by the Personnel Service Center, the Uniform Program is well positioned to bring sustainability, standardization, and innovation that will benefit and better serve our most important resource, our people! The first order of business was to shore up the gap in Operational Dress Uniform availability. We, along with our partners at the Defense Logistics Agency, CG-4, CG-9121, and the UDC, quickly identified the shortages by size and set contract modifications to close the gap and ensure long-term sustainability. We are happy to announce that the Uniform Program will carry the ODU product line well into FY2022. Cemented in the first chapter of the Uniform Regulations, the Uniform Board is now governed by a PSC charter, requiring key directorates populate a seat at the board to better evaluate organizational needs and requirements when reviewing fleet proposals. This past October 2018, we hosted Uniform Board 48, in which the board reviewed nearly 30 change recommendations put forth by the fleet, including revisions to grooming standards, ODU replacement options, accoutrement location changes and additions, and new uniform item developments. (All board recommendations are pre-decisional until reviewed and approved by higher authority.) Recent Developments Championed by CG-1, the Uniform Program and Community Services Command are excited for the return of online uniform shopping. In 2015, the UDC e-commerce site was secured in order to increase security measures. In March of 2018, we launched the "Uniforms" section of the site, returning online uniform sales to the fleet through a secure system. CSC serves as the host and manager of the capability with the UDC serving strictly as a fulfillment center thereby allowing 24/7 ordering through In February 2016, the CDTO joined in a coordinated effort with the Air Force, Army and Navy to evaluate current maternity utility uniforms in service. The Air Force Maternity Battle Uniform was identified as the benchmark pattern to commence all redesign efforts and to incorporate needed changes voiced by fleet personnel. Design modifications include blouse pocket relocation, expandable side-tab blouse adjustments, wider sleeves, longer back length, full circle nylon-spandex belly panel, front trouser hip pockets, and the addition of short, regular, and long trouser lengths. PSD-MU initiated a limited user evaluation to validate design modifications, uniform performance, and fleet satisfaction. The collaborative, multi- service effort resulted in an overwhelming positive response towards the newly designed uniforms. The "New" Maternity Operational Dress Uniform will replace the current maternity utility uniform and is currently in production with availability through the UDC in the very near future. In an effort to reduce overall cost to our service and limit out-of-pocket expense to senior service personnel, PSD-MU engaged the Cross Service Warfighter Equipment Board to identify sister services with similar cold/outerwear requirements. With the Navy transition to the Navy Working Uniform Type III uniform as the everyday utility uniform, the Coast Guard's Foul Weather Parka was identified as the replacement to the current Navy cold/wet weather jacket. A joint service coordinated specification review was completed to align service design and product specifications for sustainment by DLA. Through this coordinated effort, the Coast Guard was able to bring down costs by nearly 40 percent per jacket. UDC prices and enlisted members' annual Clothing Maintenance Allowance will adjust organically through normal end of fiscal year price changes. Although both the Coast Guard and Air Force share the men's short and long sleeve light blue RESERVIST MAGAZINE FROM THE UNIFORM PROGRAM By Mr. Hayes Davis, Uniform Program Manager, (CG PSC-PSD-MU) 2 RESERVIST � Uniform Issue • 2019

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