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THANK YOU is long-awaited issue of Reservist would not have been possible without the assistance of the members of the Uniform Program, including: Hayes Davis, Rocky Ennis, Chris Moulton, Rob Evelyn, and Alison Mack-DiIulio. ese fine people took time out of their schedules to explain the process of making sure our Coast Guardsmen are outfitted appropriately, right from their first day in the service. ank you to Master Chiefs Jason Vanderhaden, Buck Ward, Vince Patton and Skip Bowen, as well as Scott Price from the Historian's Office, for providing information on the history of the uniform. anks to Meredith Burns and Kyle Niemi for help reviewing these 60 pages for copy editing/ uniformity errors. Telfair Brown, we appreciate the use of the portrait studio! We're also indebted to the team of sharp-looking reservists who volunteered to demonstrate the uniform, including: Emily Brockway, Rodrigo Brinski, Erick Carleton, Alexandra Costescu, Byron Dixon, Chrissie Edwards, Terry-Ann Francis, Michael Frank, Allen Garneau, Steve Graff, Blaine Meserve-Nibley, Fiorella "Cris" Michelucci, Earl Milstead, Tracey Norman, Daryl Schaffer, Jocelyn Soriano, Krystal Wolfe, and the only person who was also in our 2006 issue, Jennifer Grzelak-Ledoux. We had many volunteers, and when we was at a loss for some of the harder-to-find uniforms, no one turned down the request for help. Chris and I are thankful to each of you. Disclaimer: Information in the Uniform Issue 2019 is intended for Coast Guard personnel as a quick reference for Coast Guard uniform standards. e images used illustrate the proper wearing of Coast Guard uniforms based on the Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6J. An electronic version of the Uniform Regulations is online at: directives. Find "Commandant Instruction Manuals" along the left and scroll to CIM_1020_6J. Iconic crew from the Uniform Issue 2006

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