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Sometimes my job is like a wedding photographer; taking pictures when everything is polished and beautiful is easy. Same with writing about the Reserve; the people are so good and so talented, the stories write themselves. This issue has lots of great people: the gold medal winners of the Micro Games, Todd Genereux and Mary Gillan, have such passion for their sports. They train in their spare time for these Olympic-style sporting events while working full-time... and also finding time to serve their country. And there's hurricane hunter Steve Jayne—not your average MKC. Who knew we had an MIT scientist working quietly behind the scenes developing technology to predict hurricane intensity AND placing it in the path of a hurricane? The data from Chief Jayne's instruments feeds the National Weather Service, which, in turn, feeds the news reports you listen to. He's like a double lifesaver. Three more young Reserve professionals were highlighted in a Buzzfeed article about female leadership. Brittny Thompson, Chrissie Edwards and Melissa Sprout, it was an honor to write about each of you. You blend in so seamlessly that it took insider knowledge to realize you were reservists. Each of you is an asset to your command. Finally, great stuff from our Deckplate columnist this issue, Master Chief Ed Lewis. Back in 2013, CMC Lewis wrote an article about how the Coast Guard was missing the boat on the potential found among its members, because if you only look at someone's rank and military qualifications, you miss all the talent and experience they possess as civilians. Lewis is working to change that through a credentialing program that lets you bring your civilian credentials to the military, and when you leave the service, the same program will translate your Coast Guard credentials for use on the civilian side. Good stuff. One last thing… Our magazine has been something people look forward to for the last two decades because of one man. While the editor has changed a few times, our art director, Chris Rose, has been the mainstay of the magazine. A former Coast Guardsman himself, Chris is a treasure trove of history and service knowledge. In addition to laying out all the photos and text for every copy of the magazine in the last 20 years, he's also created many of the logos Coast Guard organizations and units recognize and use today. Congratulations on 20 years at the magazine, Chris. On behalf of Ed, Isaac, Jeff and myself, this magazine wouldn't be what it is without you. Anastasia Devlin Editor-in-Chief RESERVIST MAGAZINE FROM THE EDITOR RESERVIST MAGAZINE FROM OUR READERS Left-handed salute I noted an error and an item of interest in the Reservist, Volume LXV, Issue 2, 2018. On page 9, the photo at the top of the page shows the admiral being piped ashore. The bos'n on the right is saluting with his left hand. This is correct since his right hand is holding the bos'n pipe. Are all our readers aware of this? And on page 10, the second line of the headline says "aximise eadiness." I believe "maximize readiness" is what is intended. Your proofreader missed this one. I waited until issue 3 to see if anyone else would see these items and comment about them, and if they wrote to you, was it something that you would comment about? Sincerely, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Richard L. Cartwright USCGR, retired I was also a little surprised as well when no one mentioned it. It caught my eye as odd, but I knew that anyone in the MCPOCGR's ceremony wouldn't dare salute with the other hand unless he was absolutely sure it was in regs! Sure enough, there ARE occasions when a left-handed salute is authorized—one of them being while playing the bosun pipe. It's also appropriate if the right hand is injured (or encumbered, depending on the source). Thanks for the sharp eye, sir; we do occasionally miss a typo or two. I'll let my proofreader know she needs to bring her A game next time! Volume LXV � Issue 3 • 2018 Coast Guard reservists balance their need to fly with their need to serve. AN OFFICE in the CLOUDS 2 RESERVIST � Issue 4 • 2018

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