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18 RESERVIST � Issue 4 • 2018 C hief Petty Officer Steve Jayne, an engineer with Port Security Unit 301 in Boston, spent a few tense days working on a military base in support of Hurricane Florence, but not as a reservist—as a civilian. Jayne is a doctor of oceanography—and a hurricane hunter. He's been with the Coast Guard since 2002. After finishing his doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jayne was working at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution when a friend of his told him she was interested in the Auxiliary. "I needed a hobby anyway," said Jayne, who discovered he loved being underway, especially on the old 41-foot utility boat, the four-decade workhorse of the Coast Guard. Coincidentally, it's how he ended up joining the Reserve—Jayne was already a qualified 41 engineer at Station Woods Hole, so it wasn't a big step for him to jump from the Auxiliary to the Reserve in 2007. At the time, Jayne was a senior scientist at the Institution, working on hurricane prediction equipment. He often works with Capt. Elizabeth Sanabia, a professor of oceanography at the Naval Academy. Every summer, Sanabia and Jayne work with a few chosen midshipmen to gather oceanic and atmospheric data to predict storm intensity. "We could reliably predict the tracks of a hurricane," said Jayne, "but not the strength it would be when it hit land." In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy struck late in the hurricane season, Congress approved funding for more hurricane research, and Jayne began developing new equipment to measure the temperature of the surface water, and that of the water several levels beneath the surface. The magic number is 80 degrees (or about 26 degrees Celsius), because once the water temperature falls below 80

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