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Summerstock reservists rescue dad and son Story and photo by Chief Petty Officer Jarrod Sadulski, Station Marblehead The afternoon of Aug. 21, an integrated crew of Summerstock and active duty members from Coast Guard Station Washington Island in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., were underway training on their 45-foot Response Boat-Medium (RB-M), the CG45672. Less than an hour into training, they received notification from Coast Guard Station Sturgeon Bay that a man with his four-year-old son were out in their canoe just off the east side of Washington Island near Hog Island, and they were having a difficult time getting back in. The local fire department was unable to launch their own boats due to the heavy conditions. The crew of the CG45672 got to the location and quickly spotted the 12-foot canoe with its passengers, Philip Schoeny and his son Jasper, approximately a mile and a half offshore (and being pushed out further), in danger of taking on water. With a few quick maneuvers and some on-the-spot planning, they swiftly got both passengers and their canoe aboard the rescue vessel with no injuries. They brought them back to the station, where family members were anxiously waiting for them. Be relevant Using certifications to perform missions allows Station LA/LB to remain mindful of Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz's second guiding principal: be relevant. During their ADT, the station's reservists completed 36 hours underway (10 of which were at night), 29 boardings (including 11 warnings, two violations and one voyage termination), one search and rescue case and executed a multi-agency security zone for Independence Day fireworks at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. In concert with boats from the Los Angeles and Long Beach police and fire departments, they created and held the security zone perimeter before, during and after the fireworks display. It required communication among the agencies' assets and a clear understanding of expectations for the mission. Be responsive Knowing how to execute Coast Guard missions successfully helps us be responsive. On July 3, while underway on a training mission, a reserve boat crew spotted a sailboat nearing the rocks of the sea wall. As the sailboat began to slam against the rocks, the crew used their training to save the sailboat from any further damage, and they rescued the 81-year-old boat owner from potential injury. The collaboration among the active and reserve components at Station LA/LB has fueled a completely integrated and mission- oriented approach to training and operations. In support of the high quality training, Station LA/LB had six members who were each awarded six days of additional training periods (ATPs). Over the final weeks of summer, Station LA/LB paired with Station Channel Islands to conduct a local, six-day coxswain training course, targeting the few remaining skills or tasks needed to qualify more reserve coxswains. Station LA/LB seems to have struck the right harmony that balances caring for individuals and their families, supporting high quality training and understanding the importance of hands-on execution of Coast Guard missions. The station's crew remains ready, relevant and responsive and takes pride in demonstrating these principles. Petty Officer 3rd Class Nicholas Boyd from Station Channel Islands tosses a heaving line to a member of the Maritime Safety and Security Team 91103 from Los Angeles Long Beach. Photo courtesy of Chief Petty Officer A.J. Tole. Seaman Tania Hernandez, Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny DiRocco, Petty Officer 3rd Class Michelle Smith, Petty Officer 3rd Class Grant Putala, were all part of the crew that rescued Jasper and Philip Schoeny (center) from a rapidly deteriorating situation. U.S. Coast Guard Photo Issue 4 • 2018 � RESERVIST 9

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