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PSU 309 and Vigilant team up on drug interdiction Coast Guard servicemembers from Port Security Unit 309 and Coast Guard Cutter Vigilant often conduct missions very different from each other. PSUs carry out defense and security operations, while cutters typically carry out drug interdiction, search-and-rescue or migrant interdiction cases. Despite having different missions, these units often operate jointly with other Coast Guard assets and with international partners. In early June, both units collaborated to interdict illegal drugs one mile from Naval Station Guantanamo Bay's shoreline. PSU 309, based in Port Clinton, Ohio, is currently deployed to Guantanamo Bay where servicemembers are providing around-the-clock anti-terrorism force protection and security along the coastline and the naval station's defensive sea area, which extends three miles from Naval Station Guantanamo Bay's shoreline. The Vigilant , homeported in Port Canaveral, Fla., had a scheduled port call in Cuba to resupply the ship between patrols in the region. What happened next was out of the ordinary for Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. PSU 309 servicemembers standing watch from a shoreline observation post spotted a small boat crossing from Cuban waters into the naval station's defensive sea area. The boat was immediately reported to a PSU 309 boat crew who was patrolling the waterway. The boat crew attempted to intercept the small boat, but as they closed the distance, the operators of the suspicious small boat began jettisoning packages and returned to Cuban waters. PSU 309's boat crew and Vigilant crewmembers coordinated and executed a search pattern and located a total of 19 packages and four containers floating in the water. PSU 309's crew recovered the packages and transferred them to the Vigilant , where field testing positively identified 611 pounds of marijuana. Coordination between PSU 309, Vigilant , the Seventh District and the Cuban Border Guard resulted in the interdiction of the small boat in Cuban waters by the Cuban Border Guard. "I'm really proud of how our crews quickly recognized and responded to the potential threat as the suspicious boat entered into restricted waters," said Capt. Matthew Wadleigh, PSU 309's commanding officer. "This case is an example of the valuable service our deployed members provide both at home and abroad, including here, safeguarding and protecting those who serve at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. It was rewarding to see it play out with all the commands in this joint environment." PSU 309 is one of eight port security units that are part of Pacific Area's Deployable Specialized Forces. PSUs are staffed by reservists whose primary mission is defense readiness, including expeditionary anti-terrorism force protection security and defense in support of Department of Defense combatant commanders worldwide. – Story by Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew Masaschi, PACAREA Public Affairs RESERVIST MAGAZINE AROUND THE RESERVE A small boat leaves the scene after jettisoning packages of marijuana. The vessel was spotted by Port Security Unit 309 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in June. U.S. Coast Guard photo Member of PSU 309 transfer 23 packages recovered from a suspected drug traffickerto the CGC Vigilant in Guatanamo Bay, Cuba. U.S. Coast Guard photo 8 RESERVIST � Issue 3 • 2018

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